The Ups and Downs of Being Unyoung.

‘Age’ – is it just a number?

At the beginning of 2023, I celebrated a bit of a milestone birthday – I turned three quarters of a century old.

Was I happy about turning that number?

Most definitely from the point of view that I am alive and able to enjoy it – countless others, including my dear dad, did not have the privilege of turning seventy-five.

Even my doll that I received on my first birthday still looks okay – well sort of.  Her blue eyes are still looking bright just like mine are, especially since cataract removal, she has a few ‘wrinkles’ just like me, her original dress looks a little worn at the edges just like me, and her hair is falling out – just like me. What a pair we are but just like me, she is still looking pretty happy.

‘Doing well for my age’ – just love that phrase!

From a health perspective I am doing ‘very well for my age,’ or so my medical team says.

I know that to be true because earlier this week I had a complete medical at my GP premises and even though the phrase ‘doing well for my age’ was used on more than one occasion, I was overall, very happy with the outcome.

I can get up out of a chair unaided, not once but several times – the nurse was very impressed with that ability. [ I was waiting to be asked if I can touch my toes because I can but no, that skill was not on the questionnaire. Still, I think for seventy five that it is pretty good to still be able to touch my toes without bending my knees. My mum could do it at 93 so I have a way to go yet before I outdo her.]

The check-up was part of the Federal Government’s initiative to improve the health care for older [that’s unyoung in my language] citizens and to assist them to maintain their independence so they can stay in their own homes.

All of my health issues continue to be very manageable. An added bonus was that the Doctor and I noted that for the first time in the last few years I am yet to reach the Medicare threshold.[ that in itself is one very, very good reason to be told I am going along okay even if it is ‘for my age’.]

I treated myself to lunch at one of my favourite cafes after the one and half hour appointment. I definitely needed a coffee after all the questions that were asked, all the answers I gave and all the testing that was done!  

Turning the unyoung age of seventy-five I must admit, did come as a bit of a shock. It even caused this little unyoung brain to go into self-reflective mode.

Like asking myself how many days have passed since my Mum, Dad and brother celebrated my birth [I weighed in at a very healthy 5lb 3 oz.] in the Northampton Hospital many a new moon ago. Approximately 27,400 days in fact. [I did not include the leap years in that estimate; the number freaked me out a little bit as it was!]

Where have all those days gone?

It does not matter where they have gone -they have gone.

It is the ones ahead that matter and what I do and where I go in them, so that is what I am going to focus on from here on in.

Because this little three quarters of a century old unyoung, plans to enjoy not only this day, or the one after that but all my days to come.

Until next time – from my part of the world to yours – I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

I reckon this is the best ‘floral’ photo I have taken so far this year.

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