Fence Line Walking

I like to walk in the mornings, after the sun has been up for a little while and the shadows are still longish.

My pathway at this time of the year is along the fence lines that surround our little ‘hobby farm’ – all forty hectares of it.

The fence lines cover a variety of terrains from natural bush to grazing paddocks and there is always lots to see and hear especially at this time of the year.

At the moment the gums about the farm are in bloom – my favourite being this beautiful yellow one which adorns one of the internal fences.

Autumn walking is one of my favourite times of the year. The air always seems so crisp and fresh, and the dew drops on all the bushes and shrubs can be found most mornings. I love seeing all the different ways dew drops form on all the various shrubs and flowers that are found around the place. I thought this bottle brush looked so pretty adorned with its jewel like drops early on this week.   

A welcome sight also as I walk, is the ‘green pick’ that has emerged in the paddocks from the recent bouts of autumn showers. It is nice to see the green paddocks after the long months of the summer shades of browns.

We have two ‘retired’ alpaca wethers here at the moment but as soon as the ‘green pick’ in the paddocks gets stronger, the sheep will return to help keep the grasses down to a manageable level.

The alpaca wethers usually join me on the fence line as I head back towards the house from my boundary walk most mornings and of course they are always on the lookout for a quick feed.

My fence line walk takes me about forty five minutes to complete. It makes my step count for the day look pretty good so I try to do it most mornings.

I can sense a definite change in the morning air this past week, and the actual hours of daylight seem to be diminishing fast here in my part of the world.

It is still however, a great time to be out enjoying an early morning walk or two so I definitely plan to keep these boots of mine walking until this beautiful autumn season is over.

Until next time…take care and have a great week.

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