A Great Week.

This last week saw me get up to a few things which you could even say were a little adventurous. That’s not a word that you generally associate with me but a little daring I was, and that made me feel pretty happy.  

I even concluded that perhaps I should be more out there, more often.

Here’s what I did.

I tried a new coffee – a short macchiato. Not sure if I will be having it again but the rhubarb and berry pie I had with it was excellent.

I went to a new hairdresser in town and came away with a new hair style. It’s definitely different to what I usually have done. Not sure whether I will keep the style long term though – jury is still out on it for now.

I caught up with my friend D and we went to the new café / gift store in town – Zax and Co for a quiet lunch. It was really nice. We gave it 5/5 and said we’d be back for sure.

I had a manicure – rare for me to have when I do so much gardening – but I treated myself.  I picked an ‘I can see you’ pink colour. It is in fact exactly like the pinks of the little correa plants which have just started flowering in my front garden.

I wanted to capture some close-up insect pictures, so I experimented with my camera settings and voila!

I am very happy with this pic of ‘something’ – [ insect knowledge is not a strong suit of mine] that I took whilst out on a walk recently. [Note to self – try some more camera settings – you might surprise yourself!]

I had a video chat on my phone for the first time ever. I had the session with my friend J who is currently enjoying a river cruise in Europe. I got to see some of the Danube and its surrounds which was really nice.

I quite liked being a little adventurous this last week – maybe I should try to be that again this coming week.

We shall see!

Until next time – best wishes for a fabulous weekend.

I reckon the new camera settings I tried worked with this pic too.

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