The Month Of May Is Underway

That means its reflection time for this little UNYOUNG JAM.

Time to reflect and see if I found two new things to do for the month of April as I promised I would.

So, did I?  

Yes, I most certainly did and that makes me incredibly happy.

Firstly – A big day out – we visited two places we have not been to for over twenty-five years – Lake Leschenaultia and Mundaring Weir.

We began our day with a picnic lunch on the edge of Lake Leschenaultia. It was nice being able to just sit on the water’s edge and watch all the different birdlife, the swimmers, the paddling kayakers, and the bike riders/hikers as they, like us, enjoyed the lake and its surrounds. No wonder it is such a favourite place for so many West Aussies to visit.

It was without a doubt, a wonderful way to relax away the first part of the day before we headed off to Mundaring Weir.

We last visited the weir when it overflowed in 1996. It was an impressive sight at the time – to see all that water rushing on down the valley from over the spillway.

Sadly, as the climate continues to change, predictions are that there will not be another overflow any time soon. 

The weir, designed by C Y O CONNOR, was considered to be an engineering feat upon its completion in 1903. The weir itself signals the start of the ‘Golden Pipeline.’ The pipeline pumps water from the dam storage area to Kalgoorlie which is seven hundred kilometres away. It still to this day very effectively does that.

We in fact get our water supply from that very pipeline as it wends its way past our property and on to Kalgoorlie.

The day out was one to remember and the idea of seeing some more of the sights around Perth is already down in my diary as a must do for this coming month.

Secondly – A SOUND TEMPLE Experience.

Now this outing to a Sound Temple in the hills, was an absolutely, completely new thing for this little UNYOUNG JAM to do.

It was way, way out of my comfort zone but I have to say it was such a wonderful heart-warming experience. And – I am so glad I did it because I drove away from the venue feeling really good both inside and out!

I definitely need to do more ‘out of my comfort zone’ things.

So, May – here I come. 

Until next time – have a wonderful day.

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