How Healthy Am I?

I am feeling extremely healthy right now.

And I have not been able to say that for a long, long time, so it is a bit of a celebratory moment for me.

BUT … the previous few months have been full on with what seemed like endless rounds of medical visits.  The various Doctors/Specialists have been checking to see that all my medical issues are under control, and thankfully they are.

Whilst that outcome makes me one incredibly happy Unyoung JAM it has meant that we have reached both the Medicare and the Pharmacy threshold, and it is only the beginning of May! [I know it is a combined total from MY J and myself but nearly all of the accrued account costs are mine.]

My aim this year, given the previous four years have been somewhat of a health challenge, was to get to JUNE before we reached the threshold but alas … it appears not to be the case for this year, so it is fingers crossed that next year will be the year.

There is though, a genuinely nice upshot to that situation.

It’s that I have been to various places around the traps and that means I have been able to take a few interesting snaps. Plus, I have enjoyed a lot of long black coffees and leisurely lunches, so definitely a positive take away from the otherwise stress of it all.

I plan to mark my ‘being healthy’ occasion with some sort of special treat. Not sure what it will be as yet but methinks it is certainly worthy of something grand, so who knows.

I am feeling well and I am really happy about that.

Until next time – have a great weekend.

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