I love pretty much everything about my garden, especially at this time of year.

I love the colour of these potted petunias sitting on our front steps. Such a vivid pink or is it some sort of a shade of magenta – what ever the colour is – they are in full bloom and looking very impressive at the moment.

The rest of my garden seems to be loving this autumn weather too.  The cooler nights, together with the milder sunny days and intermittent rain showers, appears to be just what the plants need to keep them looking happy – if you can say a garden looks happy or is it that when I look at it, I feel happy. Doesn’t matter, I just know that I have a feeling of happiness wherever my garden look takes me these days.

This is Mum’s Iceberg rose that we transplanted to our garden after the family home sold a little over ten years ago. It currently has a mass of bright white blooms adorning it. I think that it is at its best right now and as Mother’s Day is this weekend here in my part of the world, it is bringing back some lovely memories of my Mum and that is a really nice thing for me to enjoy.  

The Iceberg is not the only rose having its last blast of blooms for the season. Gold Bunny, one of my favourite roses, is covered in blooms too.

Most of my bulbs are just starting to poke their heads through the soil except for the daffodils which are yet to make an appearance. Not cold enough as yet I suspect but the freesias – well they are literally busting out all over in the front garden beds. Looks like a great little flowering season will be upon us later in the year and all the little birds/insects and bees will just love that.

The vegie patch also brings us a lot of joy at this time of the year. It won’t be long before the pumpkins will be ready for harvest but sadly the tomato crop is finally coming to an end. What a bumper crop we had this year though – it was so plentiful and they were so tasty.

And just yesterday we revamped the vegie patch with bean seedlings and seed potatoes. In a week or two the snap peas will go in. I like autumn vegie planting.

The olives, orange, mandarins, and lemons are just starting to ripen, and we are looking forward to picking them soon, but the best pick right now is from the lime tree.

We planted it three years ago, harvested a few last season and this year we have quite a few to pick! That is so exciting as I love a good lime not only in my drinks but especially with the avocado concoctions I make.

So, lots happening in and around the garden and as I said, wherever I look I have a great feeling of happiness.

Last week I purchased another ‘Red Tractor’ design tea towel to add to my ongoing collection.

The caption on it says it all – well it most certainly does for this little happy Unyoung Jam who just loves to garden.

Until next time – I hope you have a really great weekend. 

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