The Wonderful Ms G

What a funny week I have had well apart from the fact I managed to take a couple of okay [in my opinion] snaps whilst I was out and about.

A few little things on the home front have gone awry but thankfully Ms Google was only a tap or two away.

It started out with how to ‘unplug’ a stuck popup plug.

Yes my bathroom basin’s plug stuck with half a sink full of water in it and no matter what MY J did or me before I confessed the plug was stuck, we could not get it to pop back up.

So, Google search number one began and surprise, surprise there are a lot of sites to entertain you with how to get your popup plug to activate. Thanks to Ms G the plug has been fixed and is back in action.

Search number two…how to get the smell of burnt food out of a microwave oven.

MY J decided he wanted something warm for lunch, so he heated himself up some mini sausage rolls in the microwave.  I did say I think he might have put them on a tad too long and as it turned out on this occasion, I was right. I did not know however that sausage rolls, and the plate itself could set themselves alight and burn but they did! Plus, when MY J took said burning plate outside it sort of combusted and then shattered with the sausage rolls still smoking away.

You could say there was a bit of excitement in the kitchen and after a laugh or two we realised the smoke alarm had not gone off – one dead battery discovered, so that was a good thing to be able to rectify. I gave the microwave the how to get rid a of a burnt smell treatment, courtesy of Ms G and it worked, so all is smelling as it should again, and MY J was happy with his alternative cold lunchtime treat.

Search number three. I had my car serviced and all the GPS etc systems were updated in the process, including the dashboard display. I have a preference as to how I want it to look, but do you think I could find the page in the manual that told me how to change it back to how I like it? No but Ms G knew how, so my dashboard look is back to my normal preferences again.

Search Number four. I could not understand what our repeated alert message from our solar panels was telling me. The Manual did not quite give me the answer, but Ms G did and so the signal lights are all back running to their normal positions again. Such a helpful soul that Ms G is.   

There have been a few other searches going on too, but it is suffice to say that it has been a remarkably busy week for Ms G here in our household.

I cannot begin to think what we did to solve problems before Ms G arrived in our world. All I can say is that I am glad she is here.  

I hope my next week has a few less hiccups in it, as some of this weeks happenings have sent this little Unyoung JAM’s head into a bit of a spin.

However, I shall not mind if the week does not go exactly to plan because I have it on very good authority that Ms G will come to my rescue if necessary.

Until next time … enjoy your day.

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