I am a happy unyoung ‘blogger’ and I recently began searching the internet to see if I could find some other ‘unyoung’ bloggers.   

I haven’t had a lot of success finding many unyoung ones thus far but I have found quite a few ‘younger blog sites’ and this has enabled me to come to a couple of conclusions.

The first is that the blogs I have been reading, are very, very professional not only in their looks but in the writing itself which in contrast makes my little blog writing entries appear somewhat humble but I am A okay with that.

The second is that I was only able to find two blogs written by other ‘unyoung’ people. [They were the only ones that my laptop security approved of. I was not looking on any R rated websites – it was just that the other platforms I found were not compatible with mine and I am not tech savvy enough to fix it just yet, but I am working on it.]

I find that the photos they intersperse within their blog posts are really quite amazing to see and I now get quite excited when I receive a new ‘post alert’ from one of them.

I have only been brave enough to write a comment on one site so far and even that did not quite work out right, as I inadvertently sent two replies.  Oops! [still not that tech savvy! ]

Courage to write more comments will no doubt come the more familiar I become with all the different formats in use.

In the meantime, I will continue writing on my little blog page, posting weekly [usually on a Friday or Saturday] and at the beginning of each month. [That is where I write about the two new things I did for the past month. Doing two new things is my way of making sure that my life continues to be a happy one.]

I started writing my blog as a positive thing for me to do and I have been happily sending ‘posts off into cyber space’ for a few years now and I am happy for it to continue operating that way.

But, if anyone happens to come upon it and wants to read of my little adventures/happenings they are most welcome to click in and see what I have been up to.

I would be really happy to ‘meet’ them, especially if they were around my unyoung age.

My Blog page can be found at:  or you can message me at or – yes there’s more – find me on Instagram at jen.mac.39142072 if you fancy seeing any more of the pics I take.

Until next time – have a great day.

PS: If you have ‘connected’ with me – thank you!

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