My BLOG Crashes!

Was I Tech Savvy enough to fix the crash? Definitely not – it was way, way out of my league.

But a new day dawns and with it comes my resurrected/reformatted BLOG site thanks to my ever-reliable Tech Savvy master/expert/ web designer at Complete Digital Advantage It’s a great Company to have as my back up.

So, I am very happy that I am back in blog action AND with a new ‘like’ icon added.

Even though we are nearly halfway through June I don’t want to miss sharing the two fun things I did in May so:

Firstly – I had my very own little adventure – riding on a metropolitan train.

I dropped off my car for its scheduled service at the Midland centre, then walked a few hundred metres to the railway station.  

I was meeting my friends for lunch at a lovely little café in Guildford some ten kilometres away so catching the train seemed like a great idea and it was. I managed to work out how to get a ticket which in the end I did not need because I am a senior – a well and truly bone fide one – so I rode for free!

I travelled three stops and had a birds eye view of all sorts of things which were not only interesting but in a few cases – entertaining. When the train stopped at my station I did not know how to open the door to get off but a lovely young girl waiting to get on, pressed a button [ who knew you had to press a button] and voila – the doors opened and off I got. From there I walked across a park which I have never walked through before. The trees are beautiful old specimens, and the surrounding gardens are all very well kept and maintained. It was a delight to walk through.

I then went on to meet my friends of forty plus years and we lunched together and as always, it was fabulous.

Secondly I went on a bit of a buying spree, both online and instore.

Well to be honest it was a more than just a bit – it was like a lot – well for me it was anyway.

We had had a sad month – lost three close friends – so I decided a bit of a cheer up was necessary.  

So, some new kitchenware, some new bathroom accessories for the end bathroom – I gave it a bit of a makeover by organising everything in the cupboards into pull out drawers,[very handy – not sure why it took me so long to discover that little storage gem] added some “Jurlique’ bath and body wash to the countertop [ extravagant for me], purchased some new garden plants [ as if I haven’t already got enough] and had a lot of fun buying some winter clothing, both for myself and MY J.

I really love all my new winter wear choices but have a clear favourite.  

This snazzy new ‘bubble gum pink’ coloured jumper is my favourite purchase. I say snazzy because the young salesgirl said the colour was very in this year- not that I have seen anyone else in that particular colour as yet, but I must admit the colour looks A okay on me. I also bought an unusual matching necklace, some new vibrant hankies [quite different to my usual fare but more on that at a later date] and some new bright looking socks.

The online purchases took a while to arrive, but all are here now, and I am very happy with how everything has turned out.

June has arrived, and it is now officially winter here in my part of the world. Not quite sure what two new things I will find to do in the days ahead – I just know that it is a given.

Until next time – I hope all is well in your part of the world.

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