Still Learning

This week, I finally took the time to learn how to use my “Navman/Ms Nav” in my car.  

Why have I not used it before this? Most probably because I knew how to get to all the places I needed to go to up until this last Thursday.

I had a date to meet my friends for lunch at a popular venue up in the hills – Kalamunda to be precise and as it is not an area I frequent that often I was unsure of the best way to get there.

So ‘Ms Nav’ to the rescue and I must say I was pretty impressed with the specifics of the directions given – there was no chance that I would miss any turn that’s for sure.

The car will be twelve months old next month, so as you can see, it has taken me quite some time to actually christen Ms Nav.

It never ceases to amaze me that you can go for ages without needing a particular resource and then all of a sudden you will need to use it several times within a week or so.

Like … take next week for example.

I will be going to two new places in the city and I have no real idea as to the best way to get there so I am definitely going to be using Ms Nav to make sure this country girl doesn’t get lost!

The first of the winter rains have arrived here in my part of the world and my garden is loving it.

Until next time – have a great weekend.

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