It was a full house in my diary this past week.  I had something on every day. 

The highlight of the week though, was the visit from My friend J who flew over from Melbourne for a whirlwind trip.  It had been six years since we last met and as the photo records from that last happy get together can attest, time has moved on in more ways than one.

I was in my late sixties back then; no ill health was in sight, I had yet to become an avid coffee convert/ lover plus my hair was mostly shades of brown interspersed with a few natural blonde streaks. I was most certainly not sporting what I have now – a bone fide ‘fifty shades of grey’ head of hair. All of that of course is irrelevant in the scheme of things, it’s the long-time friendship between the same name two of us, that really matters.

Our time together, even though it was short, was fabulous. It included lots of eating, drinking numerous cups of coffee whilst nonstop chatting and visiting a few venues that J had not been to on previous visits to Perth. We had several ‘adventures’ which we will no doubt continue to laugh more than once about, in our phone calls over the next few weeks.

We have fingers crossed that we can organise another catch up in 2024.  [There is an added incentive for me to go to Melbourne as J turns the big Seven O next year – so we’ll see.]  One of our lunch venues even afforded us with some very entertaining fishing antics from one of the local Swan River birds.

The remainder of the week was interspersed with Dr visits/appointments and the car and Ms Nav, certainly got a workout. If I am ever asked to give a review on Ms Nav’s performance she is going to rate a 10/10 that’s for sure!

Hopefully next week will proceed at a somewhat slower pace as I need to spend some time with my roses. The last storm stripped all their leaves so I will need to bring forward by a few weeks their winter pruning, otherwise unwanted growth may occur which will in turn effect next year’s blooms. [or so the gardening guru I listen to said and their advice is usually spot on.]

My diary currently suggests a quieter week is ahead of me here in my part of the world but that’s okay because as my Mum used to say, a quiet week to do whatever you want is often a blessing in itself.

My little violas are doing well in the front garden.

Until next time – have a great week.

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