I have been singing “These feet were made for walking, “off and on for most of this past week.

I belong to a group called My Desmond which is part of the Diabetes Australia website. [It is a great resource if you are managing Type Two Diabetes which at the time of joining the program I was.]


The My Desmond app has all sorts of health-related features, but I especially enjoy using the activity tracker component of it which also has a direct link to my Garmin watch.

It also motivates me to keep walking every day.

I am singing ‘My feet were made for walking’ because last week I was the official winner of not only the App’s Global Leader board challenge, but also the weekend and week challenges. The Challenges are all to do with the number of steps you take each day/week and last week I walked a total of 43.8 kms.

I realise that may seem like I am a tad competitive but deep down I have to admit I am. [I blame it on my athletic days from many moons ago.]

When I first started using the My Desmond app/ program I set my goal to one day being free of Diabetes Two and to also be the winner in all three walking challenges in the same week.

Last week I did it – and no, it was not because less people registered their steps because I checked.  I definitely walked the most steps overall with Thursday – 13,265 steps being my best day.

So, I am one incredibly happy UNYOUNG plus the best part is my Diabetes has disappeared.

Walking, together with some small diet changes has made a big difference to my sugar/glucose readings so all I need to do from here on in, is to maintain the status quo. I am quite sure that it is not going to be a burden as I do enjoy a good, spirited morning or afternoon walk. 

Until next time – have a great week ahead.

My new wellies. I just love the chicken pics and they are great for walking in on wet days.

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