They say time flies when you are having fun … I’m not sure I had ‘fun’ this week, but I did have time to do a few things.  

I love the cover on this diary.


  • Decluttered the top shelf of my pantry and in the process found an old cookbook that had a favourite pineapple fruit cake recipe in it which I had been searching for, so that was a plus.
  • Cleaned up two of my library shelves and in the process found a stack of my old diaries. In fact, I found a diary for every year starting at 1986. I have written in diaries pretty much for most of my adult life. I have always enjoyed writing about what has been happening around me. I didn’t read too many entries, but it was definitely a step back in time as I shredded the pages of each. It was also interesting to note the changes in the formats and picture styles of the diaries. I am up to 2006 in the shredding process. I have so far only kept the 1990 Boomer Diary as a memento. 
I definitely qualify as a Baby Boomer.

Found our dinner and show ticket to a GENE PITNEY concert at the Burswood Convention Centre which was tucked inside the 1989 diary. What a concert that was – definitely my favourite ever!

Lemon slice with apricot sauce? Not sure that was a winner with me.
  • Counted, in between the rain, how many of my iris and daffodil bulbs are up. More than I expected so that was a plus.
  • Took a couple of You tube lessons on how to do a half treble crochet stitch so I can make something special for myself. Methinks more lessons are definitely required but that’s okay because I still have plenty of time on my hands.  
  • Collated all our old vinyl records into some sort of order so I can take them to a vintage shop. I discovered the old SANYO record /cassette player in amongst the records and it still works even though it hasn’t been used for many, many years. It’s amazing what you keep!

The thought of us downsizing is ever present in my mind so having the time to declutter some things this week has been fruitful.

This coming week will see me with some more free time so I suspect I will continue with my decluttering mode and one wonders what hidden ‘treasures’ I will find.

Until next time – I hope you stay as happy as you can be.

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