I have always loved living in the countryside away from the city lights and all the busy roads.  

But there comes a time when living too far away from that city life has its drawbacks.

Being unyoung is great – it has lots of benefits, but I am also a realist and maintaining a large area of land and all the gardens around the house is becoming a lot harder for me, so the thought of downsizing is looming large.

More specifically, MY J is unwell, so I need to be closer to health amenities for him. It is just not possible to get all the help he needs living so far away.

My first step has been to make a list! [In my former working life as a Teacher and Principal I always made to do lists, so it was very easy for me to set the diary up with one.]

The task of getting our farm ready for sale has not been an onerous one but I must admit I have had a few sleepless nights over it, especially with finding tradies to do some minor jobs around the place. Dad always said you need three quotes for any job – I live in the country, so I have decided two is fine. I did contact a couple of Perth tradies just to compare their prices and no – local is definitely the way to go even if there were only two to choose from! 

The house to do list seems endless but I have always been methodical so one step at a time.

No idea where we will end up as yet – that is currently in the too hard basket. Farm properties usually take 3 – 6 months to sell so no hurry to decide where our last fifteen to twenty years of life abode will be. BUT I am definitely going to a house – preferably a new one with NO retirement / aged care facility in site!

I reckon I’m way too full of UNYOUNG life to reside in anything less.

Until next time – have a great weekend.

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