Only 26 days to go and then it will be officially spring here in my part of the world.

And I will be very pleased to see spring arrive believe me because this winter here at home has been VERY cold. I cannot recall one being as bitter as this one has been, and we still have 26 days left of it to go. So, the ‘woollies and long johns’ will not be put away just yet that’s for sure. 

The overnight and early morning temperatures have been close to zero on numerous occasions, [with a few under that] and that is not something that we have experienced here before.

I’d like to say that I’m feeling the cold due to my unyoung bones but even the local youngies are complaining about how cold it has been.

I’ve never been one to wish things away, but I’ve definitely been wishing for these cold minimums and maximums to vamoose pronto.

Don’t get me wrong, I love winter when it is in all its glory, not to mention a few of my favourite things that go with winter – like soups, slow cooker meals, reading books whilst curled up with my coffee and listening to the rain on our tin roof – but I hate the cold. I’d never survive in a place where it is much colder and lasts for long periods.

On a cheerier note, I bought my snow pea seedlings yesterday in anticipation and belief that the next seven-day forecast will be correct.  It says that the weather will be a little warmer next week, [ rain is forecast so that will help keep the temperatures up] so then I will be able to plant the seedlings out. [Fingers crossed that there won’t be any more frosts to burn off their tender shoots before they settle in to grow hopefully to the top of the trellis.]

I love snow peas – cooked or raw – there’s nothing better than picking and eating a few straight from the trellised vines. I think I would even say that out of all the vegetables I grow – they would be my favourite.

There are a few indications in my garden that spring however is already on its way – my roses are shooting nicely and the first of the daffodils are out.

I am so looking forward to some warmer days ahead.

In the meantime, I shall stop my whingeing about the cold, and just rug up, and go for a good long walk.

Until next time – I hope all is well in your part of the world.

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