I use a fair amount of it each week.

About to turn onto the Highway to Perth

And this past week was no exception.

I had quite a few appointments going on – none within a short distance from home but then that’s the choice we made when we moved here. The drive down the hill to the metropolitan area at this time of the year is an enjoyable one though. It is in fact quite picturesque as a good proportion of the roadside wattles are out, the wild lucerne trees are in full flower and the canola is just bursting out into their beautiful vibrant yellows.  

I also had a treat this week as I turned out of our driveway – I spied Mr and Mrs Duck attempting to cross the road with this year’s family. “My duck signs” that the Shire installed at my request a few years ago are working because two cars had stopped to let the ducks cross.

I was so busy watching and admiring Mr Duck’s herding abilities that I forgot to take a pic of the happening. Not to worry I’m sure there will be a next time as this is the ducks on the dam season.

The road side lucerne trees.

My local town of Northam hosted the AVON Descent this weekend. The river apparently is not as high as it usually is but the turn out for the event was still impressive. The event is in its 50th year and many boating/canoeing enthusiasts rocked into town early Friday night to enjoy the festival opening before heading off down the river early Saturday morning.

The Weir at the start of the AVON Descent.

Another busy driving week is ahead of me this coming week and I must remember not to fill up the car on a Wednesday. Apparently, as I found out from the very pleasant fuel service man this past week – after all my years of driving in this part of the world – it is the most expensive fuel day. Who knew that bit of trivia – certainly not this little unyoung Moi!

Not to worry, I drive on, happy in the knowledge that I can still in fact drive!

Until next time – enjoy the week ahead.

The mural on the Northam flour mill.
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