The first of the freesias are out.

My computer had a little hiccup last week so I failed to make a Blog entry. Have definitely been missing in action and I have to say that is very remiss of me. But here I am back in action so all is good in my blog world again.

I was out and about despite my computer dramas and I did manage to capture a few pics from those outings.

Firstly I had a wonderful, relaxing visit to Kings Park – a favourite destination of mine.

Such a peaceful spot to just sit and contemplate which is exactly what I did.

Secondly I had lunch with friends at a cafe called Chinta. The food was great and I was very proud of myself as I resisted all things not so good for my heart health in the cake fridge.

Fingers crossed that my computer stays healthy so this week I can get back into my weekly Blog post routine.

Until next time – I hope all is well in our part of the world.

The Dryandras are out up in our bush block. The wattle birds love them.
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