Spring is here and the Geraldton Wax are out.

August – just where did those thirty-one days go?

Never mind the month has been and gone – time to ask myself whether I found two new things to do during those past thirty-one days.

And the answer to that question is a resounding Yes. My two new things are a little different to what I usually find to do but none the less they turned out to be lots of fun and more importantly they made me feel pretty good and that’s always a definite plus.

I became a little daring with my hot and cold drinking choices.

This was okay but not a winner.


I have drunk a Long Black for quite some time now and have really enjoyed them, but I must say I have always been a little envious when I see others drinking from cups/mugs with fancy tops. So, during August I made it my goal to give other variations of coffee a go. I sampled short/ long macchiato, expresso, flat white, a cappuccino and even a hot chocolate which surprisingly as a lover of chocolate I did not like one bit.

None of those tastings made me feel as good as a long black does BUT… I was reminded that most of those I tasted were made with full cream/lite milk which doesn’t agree with me. Dairy milk and I have never agreed so I am not quite sure why it took this little UNYOUNG JAM so long for the penny to drop that those milk coffees were never going to succeed!

The answer – try Almond milk! Yes as simple as that. After several retries – I drank a lot of coffee during August, [he he,] I have ended up falling in love with … a cup of Mocha with almond milk. In fact it is now my favourite coffee of choice. [I think the hint of Chocolate in it swayed me!] 

MOCHA with almond milk – a definite winner.


I have never been a lover of tea although for some reason I must admit when I am off colour, I always enjoy a drink of Ginger tea. Can’t recall ever trying a cold tea drink before but recently I was in the company of friends at a High Tea [ which was indeed a treat] and had a cold, Berry flavoured tea. It was apparently full of antioxidants, and I must say it was pretty nice so I have put that on my shopping list to purchase so I can enjoy it during the hotter months.  

But the best cold drink I discovered last month was a MOCKTAIL PINA COLADA.


I have always wanted to try one and whilst out to lunch recently, I was really adventurous and ordered one.

I didn’t know such a mocktail existed or I would have tried one sooner. I don’t often go to places where ‘cocktails’ are served so this was a real find and it was a really delicious drinking treat. I have promised myself to be on the café drinks menu lookout so I can have another one soon.

Who would have thought that at the unyoung age of seventy-five, this usually ‘stay on the safe side’ UNYOUNG JAM would have been adventurous enough to go out and sample some new drinks.

Talk about going out of my comfort zone – but that’s what I did; it was a really fun thing to do, and it made me happy so what’s not to like about that.

The joys of Spring.

Today is the 1st of September – that means spring has officially begun here in my part of the world.

It’s a beautiful time of the year weather wise so it shouldn’t be too hard for me to find two new things to do this month. 

Until next time – I am off to do something today that my future self will thank me for – I hope you will be too.  

Some of the delights I enjoyed, with my Berry Tea, at the HIGH TEA.
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