I saw this little number coming back from the Dr’s and it brought back such happy memories of my younger driving days.

 And – I have to say – it is what it is.

It’s regrettable what has happened to me but what’s done is done. I have somehow managed to injure my foot again – although out of all the mishaps I have had with my bones breaking, this one certainly  did not at the outset, seem anything to really be concerned about ,but the x-rays proved me wrong as I have sustained the biggest fracture I have had since I became an unyoung.  The only bonus is that it is a different foot to last year’s issue so now I just have to grin and get on with it all. 

So, I am back wearing what seems to be becoming a ‘semi permanent friend’ these days – one black, ankle Moon Boot.
The nice young Physio who fitted the boot, complete with pressure bandaging [ that’s what happens when you don’t get it seen to straight away] assured me that I couldn’t possibly
reuse any of the other boots I have in my home store from previous encounters;
so the new boot is all velcrosed up and my renewed love affair with a black, somewhat untrendy
ankle boot is now 24/7 and for the next ten or so weeks.


It’s spring time and lots of things are flowering in my garden.

However, all is not doom and gloom because I am mobile, and can get out and about.

So in between the breaks in the rain showers, I enjoyed a lovely walk or should I say a bit of a hobble around my garden, and discovered that there are some new spring flowers coming through.

A pretty little ground cover is out, my little violas are looking happy, all the roses have shot, and the snow peas are starting to make their way up the trellis. All good really.

Seeing as I am obliged to be in ’foot up resting’ mode, I spent some time checking up on my security phone apps and in the process I discovered [quite by accident really], that my mobile phone security app covers both MY J’s phone plus I can add my Tablet to it as well. So some $ savings were made there; maybe I will treat myself to a new pair of real boots when I am able to release this latest Moon Boot from my leg.

I also have had time to find myself a cross stitch project. [ my current applique project is on hold as getting up and down to trace, cut, iron, cut, iron is a bit too much at this point]. I have never done any cross stitch but ‘you tube’ tells me that I don’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar to work it out. So, one Wishing Well no count kit is currently winging its way to me. We’ll see if this unyoung brain[ definitely not in the Rhodes Scholar league] can, as You tube says, master it.

The local canola crops are looking good.

So whilst this bone break may have set me back a little bit in terms of being able to garden, or drive to coffee meets, I can still walk around and as My Mum used to say whenever I had a setback in life – things could be worse. And at this point in my life I certainly can’t argue with that little saying.

Until next time – take care and have a great week.

Spring is definitely here in my part of the world.
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