I have been delighted to see a few firsts of the season this past week.

I planted this geranium out into one of the rose garden beds at the end of last summer – it had outgrown its pot plus the bush needed a good prune/tidy up.

It struggled to establish itself all through the winter months with me thinking I had either pruned it back too hard or it didn’t like the roses as neighbours. It suffered from frosts, and we had a few this past winter; then the new shoots had to withstand a bit of an onslaught from the nibbling parrots when I thought it would die for sure until, hardy little thing it is, all of a sudden it has begun to flourish in its new spot and the first blooms of the season burst open this week. I love its variegated petals and am so pleased that it has found its footing at last.

My Gold Bunny Rose obviously loved the recent dose of fertiliser as it has buds galore and even better is the fact that its first flower of the new season unfurled itself this week.

It is always a delight to see the first rose on this bush – I love the depth of yellow it always exudes.

The Snow Peas are now heading towards the top of the trellis.

I love standing in my vegie patch and picking and eating snow peas off the vine and I haven’t got long to wait now. Six flowers burst out this week, with one actual pea pod already formed – so in about ten days’ time [if all goes as planned] I’ll be in snow pea munching heaven.

Not only is my garden having a “first” flourish for the season, but my fruit shopping is too.

I love eating fresh pineapple, especially when the weather is warmer. I don’t tend to eat much of it in the cooler months, but it is a weekly staple on my shopping list as soon as the sun begins to shine which it did this week. So, I had my very first taste of the pineapple ‘summer’ season today. Very juicy and very yum it was too! Plus, I found in the pantry cupboard whilst decluttering, a brand-new pineapple peeler and it proved for its first-time use, a very handy little gadget indeed.

The first of the nectarine blossoms are out.

The sun is beginning to shine with a greater warmth here in my part of the world and that means that over the next few weeks I will be spending some time at my local garden centre selecting my summer vegetable seedlings. Always a fun thing for me to do.

Until next time – enjoy your weekend – it’s a long one here in my part of the world.

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