I can’t believe how quickly September just came and went!

Did I manage to do two new things during that speedy Gonzales time? Yes I did.  


The Women’s World Ballooning Championships were held around the Northam countryside in the first week of September. My friend D and I decided to go and watch one of the afternoon events. The launch off area was in a paddock not far from town.

The roadside we watched them take off from, was so close that we could almost feel the heat from one of the burners filling the balloon.

It was such an exciting thing to see them all not only take off at different intervals but to also see all of those 35 balloons over head in the sky above us floating off towards their target. It was a really, really fabulous thing to see.

The second thing I did, purely on the spur of the moment was to ask the optical shop as I was passing if they could fix/secure the ‘ornaments’ on the arms of my glasses [they keep falling off.]

The glasses are okay, [not the whizz bang things I thought they would be] but I have never really been happy with the lenses or the frames even though I spent a great deal of time choosing them when I purchased the glasses back in March.

In fact, the type of lenses I have are not the ones I ordered or paid for. Turns out there has been an error – no wonder they never felt really comfortable on me. I just put it down to being unyoung and assumed that is how it is!

My first Iris of the season. Love that colour!

So the outcome is, is that I will be getting a new pair of glasses, and they will be coming my way very soon.

I am a procrastinator from way back so how lucky was I, to, on the spur of the moment, do something for myself and have it turn out so well. I say “good one Unyoung Jam.!”

Maybe before this next month’s end I will repeat a spur of the moment thing and so delight myself by enjoying another new thing in my life.

Until next time – stay safe and have fun in the week ahead.

My favourite cafe in town celebrated the ballooning event too.
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