My latest effort reminds me of the lyrics in Green Eggs and Ham – I do not like them Sam I am I do not like them!

A few weeks ago, I had a bit of an urge to try my hand at cross stitch. I was in one of those why not moods which seem to frequent my thinking quite a lot these days, so on to the internet I went.

I checked to see if it was something my unyoung brain could handle without too much drama and it appeared on the surface that it was indeed, a very feasible new thing for me to do.

So, the search for an ‘easy’ but interesting all-inclusive cross stitch kit began.

My search lasted quite a few days during which time I found not only that the variety of pieces on offer is amazing but the complexity of some, is truly mind boggling.

I finally chose an all-inclusive No Count Cross Stitch Kit called ‘The Wishing Well.’ The No count being the essential bit – as that supposedly means it is VERY easy for first timers to sew.

Online, the kit looked very doable to me and so I made the purchase from a family-owned Australian company and better still it said it would be in my post box within seven days! How good is that I thought.  

Two weeks passed by – no kit. I tracked my item and found myself in a country in the Northern Hemisphere where and I quote:” kit is being assembled.”  I guess that meant for the cottons to be measured and cut and for the picture to be printed. I think that is when I first thought of the Green Eggs and Ham lyrics. Another week passed, and I was notified that my kit had left for AU.  Great I thought, it will now wing its way to me in no time.

Wrong – let’s just say that it took many, many more days before it finally arrived in my post box this week. Didn’t quite meet the – be there in seven days promise but I do understand being a proud West Aussie, that crossing that Nullarbor can be a chore!

None the less it has arrived, and I must say I was very excited to finally open the package. My excitement turned a little less excited when I laid it all out on the table. My first thoughts were – this looks complicated, I’m not so sure that I am going to actually be able to sew the thing.

In my mind I saw and imagined something completely different to what I had unveiled in front of me. I wished now that I had gone to an actual shop, and you know, saw what it looked like/ entailed before I purchased an online kit because I am pretty sure I would have passed it by with a comment – no not buying that, it will do my head in.

Online shopping never quite meets my expectations, and I am not sure why I keep doing it. Hence my thoughts – “I do not like them Sam I am I do not like them!”

The piece looks like I will need every ounce of concentration within me to even start the thing off let alone complete it.

Still, I have it now and I need to remind myself that I did say, with fervour, just a few weeks ago – Why Not?

Why Not indeed.

Until next time – have a great weekend.

The new orange blossoms are out.
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