Is it still around?

It sure is and I have had a week almost ‘from hell’ to prove it.

But today is a good day. I feel I have turned the corner and am moving on. [Fingers crossed MY J doesn’t get it as it was not a nice experience.]

I can see why some unyoung people end up in hospital – breathing did become a bit of a challenge but once I got onto the Anti-Viral tablets I was much better at coping with it all.

So, the past week has come and gone – no coffees or lunches out – instead I had the opportunity to appreciate my garden and its springtime surprises a little more, so all was not lost.

Firstly, all my iris bulbs have flowered. That is a real bonus as last year some bulbs proved to be duds and did not even shoot let alone get to the flowering stage. I love the vibrant colours you get in an iris – always makes me feel happy and I certainly needed a bit of that this week.

I decided not to pick any as they are looking pretty nice just where they are, and I can appreciate them just as much by viewing them from my ’sunroom’ window.

Secondly, the roses appear to be having a great flowering season. The ‘Gold Bunny’ in particular is covered in good size blooms. I love having a bunch of them in the house but again, I have refrained from picking any – not risking them emitting any fragrance that might set off any coughing fits – I’m having enough Covid ones as it is.

Thirdly my snow peas are clearly loving this sunny spring weather. All the vines have reached the top of the trellis and there appears to be pods everywhere. My J has been picking the ripened pods for me to enjoy – they are absolutely my favourite home-grown veg. For some reason we never have any trouble with the birds or the bugs eating them, so we always reap a good crop.  

And lastly I spotted my first ‘Christmas’ spider for the season this morning. It is only a tiny one and its web seems to be hanging a little precariously in between the red rose blooms at the moment. Hopefully it will make the web a little stronger as the day goes on. I like seeing them in the garden, especially around Christmas time, that’s when they are much bigger, and their colours really stand out on their legs and bodies. They must like this area as there always seem to be lots of them not only in our home garden but in the surrounding bush as well. Beware I say when walking, as the web is very sticky – I know because I have experienced this more than I would like to admit! Seeing spider webs always reminds me of this saying: It’s funny, when I walk into a spider’s web, I demolish it’s home and misplace its dinner, yet I still feel like the victim – a very apt comment methinks!

So, despite this past week being one, health wise, that I would rather forget, I am moving on to this week to see what pleasures I can find.

I may even be lucky enough to be told I can now do without the moon boot! Now that would be something because then I would be able to treat myself to a new pair of shoes just because I can. And it would also mean I am well enough to be out and about, Covid free, so what more could I want.

Until next time – have a great week ahead.

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