Yes a bit of happy reminiscing went on this week that’s for sure.

I went mulberry picking.

Our good neighbour’s tree is absolutely covered in ripe, ready to pick mulberries and she invited me over for a pick. A/M and I had a lot of laughs whilst we filled a huge bowl for this little unyoung to enjoy for dessert, all this coming week. 

It turned out that AM’s as a kid, mulberry picking stories were as good as mine – we both remembered in vivid detail our purple hands, purple mouths from all the sampling and our purple stained shirts. We both also remembered that our Mums probably used a ‘blue bag’ or two to get the stains out.  

And yes in our younger days we picked lots of bowls, enough so that our mums could made a jar or two of mulberry jam. Neither one of us remember any stalks in said jam [they must have had a lot of patience to cut off all the stalks which we clearly never appreciated at the time] but as I think about making some jam for MY J and I and maybe a friend or two if I make enough – I am going to have to cut all those stalks off before I start. Not sure I am up to that sort of tedious work – but we shall see. I am much better at daring to do something different these days than I used to be, so stay tuned!


Now that the ground here has started to dry out, our gravel road up to the house results in my car getting a tad dusty. Not that I drive that fast up the hill, but the windows seem to catch the dust more than the car body itself so on my way down the hill to an appointment this week, I spied a car wash. Haven’t been to a car wash in years. MY J is my car washer but as he is not fit enough to do it at the minute, and I am too lazy plus I say I am too small in stature to reach over the top of the car – I drove on into the car wash site. It offered a range of washing specials; I went for the basic as I didn’t quite understand all the lingo on the others.  

I had forgotten the noise level; the swoosh of the water as it goes over the car and the swish of the actual washer itself. As I sat and waited the five minutes or so for it all to happen it reminded me of all the fund-raising car washes I had been a part of and the fun of doing them many moons ago.  I remembered to wear my bathers under my clothes – for obvious reasons after my first car wash episode – where I recall one of the other volunteers squirting me all over just for the heck of it whilst we waited for the next car to come on in. We were definitely not into water wise efforts back then.

I can’t recall how much we ever raised but I know it used to put money in the team bin, the President was always happy with our efforts, and it helped to pay our way to compete across Australia and that was all that mattered. Ah those were the days!

Mum’s Iceberg rose is looking pretty nice at the moment.

So, I had a happy week doing a spot of reminiscing despite still being in the Moon Boot [ I covered said boot in a plastic bag so it didn’t get all mulberry stained] but am counting down the days now and fingers crossed I get the all clear on the next visit.  

This coming week sees me with a lunch date or two, so all is back to being very good indeed here in my part of the world.

Until next time – take care and be kind to yourself.

My Pierre de Ronson rose on the side fence has attracted lots of bees for the grape vines which are sprouting nicely.
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