And if all goes to plan, which I am pretty confident it will, that’s probably how many years of active living I have left.

Of course, the chances of me having more years than that number to enjoy depends on a number of things – particularly the state of my health.

So, with the notion of ‘I want to live for as long as I can’ in mind, I spent some of this past week, seriously researching world cultures where the majority of the population live well into their one hundred years. I found a few sites which described why this is a fact and as they sounded pretty good to me, I read on.

I learned that the areas which are designated ‘blue zones’ have a lot of things going for them and I was particularly taken by the fact that the people who live there are very agile. Apparently getting up and down from the floor is one way they keep up their fitness/agility and gardening is another.

I had a go at seeing how agile I was with the getting up and down from a seated position on the floor and discovered that it is not really a goer for me just yet – Moon Boot was very inhibitive as you can imagine.

But – my beloved Moon Boot has only one week to go before it is put into a permanent storage – I’m thinking I am going to put it in the recycle bin. That way I will not have any more need of it – fingers crossed that all my unyoung osteoporosis bones will stay out of trouble for the foreseeable future.

I have also been resting up since the old Covid hit me but am now feeling pretty A OKAY so it’s full steam ahead as from next week when I will be sans boot.

Then I will begin to seriously practise the “blue zone “agile moves. One Centurion lady I read about, gets up from the floor at least twenty times a day – that’s definitely a goal I am going to set for myself – seeing as I am a quarter of a century younger than her methinks I should be able to manage at least three to start with!

Until next time – have a great weekend.

A good season ahead for the grape vines-lots of bunches on them this year.
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