My foot issues are ongoing – much to my frustration.

My agapanthus are almost out – the blue bees love these flowers.

To cut a long story short – the” Moon Boot “wear n tear on my two biggest toes over the last few weeks resulted in a bit of an infection which in turn needed investigation and subsequent treatment.

Definitely not a Dr free or in fact a hospital free week but on the plus side I had a few coffees in between the mini drama happenings which is always a good thing.   

My favourite coffee place in downtown Northam.

I also, as I was feeling a little stressed from it all – treated myself to a head massage at the hairdressers – first one I have ever had as an extra dollar add on to the usual fare.

It certainly was a relaxing experience which my head appreciated. Mind you, it didn’t stop the internal, negative thoughts; like I am over having something wrong with me and why can’t I be Dr free for a while, from whizzing around in my head, but none the less it was well worth the extra dollars spent.

No hospital free week next week either as I have to go back three times to have the wounds dressed. On the bright side though, that will also mean I will be able to enjoy a few coffee treats, so all is not too bad after all.

Until next time – enjoy your week ahead.

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