The shops in Fitzgerald St, the main street in downtown Northam, have already started their window displays for Christmas and those that are completed look great. Methinks the street will be very festive looking when they all finish decorating for the season.  

The Chamber of Commerce is running its annual Christmas raffle – spend $50 in any participating shop and go in the draw to win some cash. I will be buying some pressies from at least two of the shops, so I am guaranteed at least two entries. They will of course be in amongst all the others in the box but you never know someone has to win and that someone this year could be little unyoung me.

I am like a lot of other people and have often been heard to say, I have never won a raffle prize.

But- I believe this year my luck is in because I recently won some lotto $ – the biggest amount I have ever won. My Mum always used to say – your luck [ good and bad] comes in threes unyoung JAM so here’s hoping that my recent lucky streak continues so I can finally get to say YES, I have won a raffle prize!

The ‘reflection person’ is me reading the details. I’d be very happy with 3rd Prize but I am not going to say no when they ring me to say I have won 2nd prize or lucky, lucky me 1st!

Not only is the street looking good from the Christmas decorated windows but also from the potted plants you now find along the way. Several of the eateries in the main street have erected potted plants/ umbrellas/ seating out the front of their stores. It adds a nice feel to the ‘busy’ – that’s as in country busy – thoroughfare and as the plants themselves are of the hardy types they are all doing very well and are certainly enhancing the street’s overall appearance.

My favourite ones at the moment are to be found outside the old bakery. I think they are called Kalanchoe? Not sure but the plants are happily flowering away. Mine at home look a little sad but I’m sure as this hot weather arrives-37 I believe for a couple of days this coming week, or did I see 38 degrees? Either way despite us still being officially in spring- summer temperatures are here!

And the best news I had all week – the hospital declared that my infected toes are healing nicely and I only have to wear the half ‘moon boot’ intermittently [ YEAH!] until the little op on the offending nail occurs sometime in the near future then I will be good to go – and finally, finally, after four and a half Moon Boot months I will be able to reward myself with some new, wowie – look at me – shoes.

That moon boot news was certainly a great way for me to end what was a very happy, looking at Christmas shop windows, week.

Until next time – have a great weekend and a wonderful week ahead.

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