We have had 39 + degrees every day this week and the nights have been unusually hot too – well for us anyway – 24/25 degrees. The air con has been working overtime and I haven’t felt like doing much other than some sewing and lots of reading – thanks to my Library app.

[When the Librarian first suggested that I use the app rather than driving 30 minutes every week or so to the library, I [the ever-procrastinating Unyoung JAM] initially of course said no, all too hard, but the Librarian persisted and as a result of her encouragement I can now say that I am unquestionably, one very happy Library app user.]

It’s even been far too hot to go out for lunch or coffee although I did catch up with friends one day and that was at an air-conditioned restaurant. Wouldn’t have gone if it hadn’t been air conditioned – now doesn’t that sound like someone who is being very selective but if I can’t be choosy at this age – I ask, when can I be?

The lunch with my very special group of friends – we go back, many, many moons – as always, had lots of laughs and lots of chatter especially from me but they never complain – they always just let me ‘ramble on!’ I always come home feeling pretty special after our get togethers and despite two absentees this time – it was still a great three hours.

I enjoyed a very tasty fruit tart for dessert. [I kidded myself that it was healthy because it was topped with a variety of fruit slices]

It was very Yum and if I was a food reviewer, I would have given the pastry chef 10/10 for it.

I also had a perfect Mocha in a cup. Not all cafes will serve me a mocha in a cup as it is not how it is supposed to be served but I do not enjoy drinking coffee from a glass. Call me fussy but to me’ it just doesn’t taste the same. The young lady barista however, humoured me [ being unyoung has its moments],and my mocha came in a cup, and it was perfect.

No end to the heat wave in sight just yet but I’m sure it will happen soon. No use complaining about it, and I recall with a bit of a smirk on my face that it wasn’t that long ago that I was complaining about the cold, so I need to just as they say – go with the flow and get on with it – and so I shall.

Until next time –

“What day is it?” asked Pooh.

“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.

“My favourite day,” said Pooh.

The agapanthus are almost all out – no blue bees as yet but plenty of the common type and some other little bugs that are enjoying nibbling on the petals.
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