And it’s not for the first time this year that I have said where has that month gone to either.

November – a month of good and not so good things happening here in my part of the world but between it all I did succeed in finding two new things to amuse myself with. So, all good really.

My infamous wishing well Cross Stitch, which I ordered quite a while ago and certainly challenged this little Unyoung’s thinking patterns was finally after much angst, finished and has been temporarily framed.

It doesn’t have a home just yet, but I think it will eventually end up in a not too prominent position as I believe even ‘a man on a galloping horse’ can see the little flaws in it.

Nonetheless, I fulfilled a long-held wish to not only learn how to begin and end a ‘cross stitch’ correctly but to finish an actual project using the technique and that, I must say, has made me pretty happy.

My next sewing project has been ordered, not a cross stitch one – ha ha – it’s a Jacobean embroidery piece.  I wanted to learn some new embroidery stitches and this piece has a few new ones in it so I’m expecting it to test my brain – but that’s a good thing as I definitely want it to keep on thinking on!

It took me pretty much all of November to find a piece that appealed. I wanted one that would be not too hard but then again I didn’t want it to be too easy either. It’s a Colleen Goys / Rose works design with a William Morris influence, an applique design I love to sew, so I am very happy with my end choice. 

I found it in a store in Victoria and unlike the Cross Stitch kit, it is not winging its way to me from an over the equator northern neighbour, it is actually coming across the Nullarbor direct from a Victorian depot. I can tell you, that after the little cross stitch buying fiasco, this no drama scenario has made me one happy Unyoung JAM.

My Wishing Well ‘Masterpiece’ – best viewed from a distance!

The second new thing I did was to learn how to take plant cuttings from my indoor plants especially from my Ficus and Devil’s Ivy and then to succeed in growing them on.

I watched someone on You Tube and just followed along- the Devil’s Ivy were the easiest. Nothing to it really, so not sure why I haven’t given it a go before this. I usually just prune the plants and then throw out the cuttings. Not anymore though.  I am now planning to give my back verandah area a bit of a revamp so the sprouted Ivy’s will come in handy.

I also learnt how to divide some of my succulents [again from someone on You Tube] and used them to extend my succulent garden area, which is now looking much better, even if I say so myself.

The process of propagating indoor plants was really easy to do – it wasn’t hard at all, but it gave me a sense of achievement and that in turn made me feel pretty happy so all good in my part of the world for the month of November.

Roll on December; during this last month I am definitely going to find two really special things to do, to make sure my year ends on a high.

Love this gum which is currently flowering in the driveway.

The countdown to Christmas is on; the shops in town are now all decorated, the carols are playing and yesterday I bought my first cherries [locally grown] for the season.

Until next time – have a great week ahead.

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