But the Season itself is already here.

I am not quite in the festive mood as yet but I’m getting there.

There’s a couple of reasons as to why I am a bit slow in getting into the festive spirit even though December is upon us.  This year health wise, has been a bit of a challenge, not only for myself but for MY J too. He is struggling and will continue to struggle for a while yet. His ’Luke’ [Leukaemia]is getting harder and harder for him to manage so we are having a very low-key Christmas this year – hence my slow roll into the Christmas festivities.

I will still be meeting up with my various friendship/family groups leading up to Christmas Day, but the actual day itself will be spent with just the two of us this year and that’s okay. It is what it is.

Our Christmas lunch menu will be prawns, ham, and pork with salads – because I am sure it will be a hot day here in my part of the world if the last week or so is anything to go by, so I am choosing not to do a hot lunch this year. Dessert will be my favourite ‘Summer Pudding,’ and that sounds like a pretty good table of eats to me even though it will be enjoyed by just the two of us.

My Christmas shopping is done – just the wrapping to do and that won’t be difficult as I was a little bit lazy with the family gifts this year, but they all understand the predicament we are in – that MY J needs some quiet time and family Christmases are always full on and a tad noisy, as they should be!  Everyone will be receiving a gift voucher of some sort and I know they will have fun spending it at the various stores, especially at the after Christmas sales – that’s what the youngies said they would be doing, so all is in hand.

I posted my Christmas cards yesterday and picked up our first one from the mailbox – one that I had forgotten to do so luckily there is still time to send one in return!  I have not written any ‘words of wisdom or should I say what’s been happening in our world’ in the cards this year – lazy I know but I wasn’t exactly sure what to say about our troublesome health year so thought it best to ignore and keep the Happy Christmas message simple.

The Christmas season is not the only thing which has arrived; the cherry season is here along with the summer fruits that I love.

I bought some very tasty peaches and nectarines yesterday and it looks like I will be buying quite a few from the shops this year. Last year our peach tree yielded a bumper crop, and a lot of the branches broke from the weight of it all so some serious pruning had to be done. Likewise for the nectarine. A little too hard methinks now as alas, there’s not much on the trees for picking this year. Never mind, I’m sure they will bounce back for next year’s crop.

Had a lovely surprise whilst hand watering this morning. Our resident ‘Bung Arrow’ was having a lick of the water drops on one of the bushes, it’s the first sighting of him for this summer.  His contrast colourings are looking pretty good although the pic doesn’t show it off that well. I was too slow to get a close up because as I was getting my phone out he decided to high tail it back down the pathway. He did stop and look back again at me, but I was too far away to get a good shot of him. Next time!

So as the days leading up to Christmas roll on, I remind myself that even though our Christmas Day will be slightly different this year I am still going to make sure it is a good one.

Until next time – make your December, one to remember.

Finally managed to get a snap of one very busy blue banded bee about to visit the flowering agapanthus.

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