I have tried to keep up with the modern trends of the digital world but clearly I have a lot to learn as a recent Christmas pressie experience can testify

I thought the idea of an e gift to a specialist chocolate café that my friend and her husband like to frequent was a winner and after phoning the café and asking if I could download the e gift the reply was yes. BUT as I have discovered their interpretation of downloading and my humble analysis of the situation are poles apart.

Yes the young assistant was right you can download it, but it has to go into an e-wallet. OOPS! I was thinking a PDF file, which I would print off on nice paper, complete with a picture/emblem of said café on it, and then slip that into the Christmas Card.

I now, after going backwards and forwards several times for help, understand that the PDF method is a bit old school.  The irony continues in that my friend does not have an e wallet either, but I have thankfully, finally solved the problem albeit in a roundabout sort of way.

Luckily for me the young chocolate café assistant when I got back to request for help yet again asked…has your friend got an e-wallet? No? Okay, no worries, email the e gift advice to your friend, tell her to bring a copy of that into the store and we will sort it out.  

So, no fancy chocolate, printed gift voucher in their card – just a copy of an email which I have done on some coloured paper, so it looks a bit Christmassy plus I will send the email itself to their laptop / phone. Fingers crossed it all works out in the end, otherwise I will have to go in with the email myself!

A conventional gift voucher was a good idea I had, but in future I really must check that I am not buying a digital e gift that requires an e wallet as opposed to an ordinary gift voucher because I am fairly sure that not too many of my age group friends are that acquainted with the digital world.  Clearly, I for one, am most certainly not.  

Still, it is something that I suppose I could in the New Year investigate – well at least see if my unyoung brain could deal with such a thing!

Until next time – have a fun week ahead.

This ‘old man’ has taken up residence at the front gate. He looks like he is in his retirement phase.
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