I have decided, as it will be my last post for 2023, to end the year with my musings of what two things I did to make it a December to remember.


It was held in the grounds of The Crown in Perth, so a bit of a trek for me to get there but it was oh so worth it.  

The outing was the Christmas get together for my Embroidery group.

Most of those ladies have been to the real Monet bridge/gardens in Paris. I went to Paris when I was a young slip of a girl, but I did not go to Monet’s gardens, so this exhibition was a lovely thing for me to experience.

The music surrounding it was beautiful.

The outing was a definite December highlight.

2. The second new thing I did was that I SHOPPED TIL I DROPPED!

Well almost ‘til I dropped – I had to save myself a bit of energy in order to drive the 90 km back home.

But what a wonderful, wonderful [and I can add lucky to that] day I had firstly with Me and then afterwards when Su joined us.

There were specials/discounts galore and my wallet had the moths flying.  They say a bit of retail therapy is good for the soul and it certainly was for mine. Karrinyup shopping centre had such a good vibe about it, and I loved the sounds of all the other happy people that were around me in whichever shop we went – and Me and I went to lots over the day- Su even got us a trolley to put all my wares in!

I definitely know my luck was in as I left my handbag hanging over the chair in the lovely French café we had lunch at. We had not gone too far along the mall before I went looking in the trolley for it. I rushed back and yep – still where I left it, but it was certainly plenty of time for someone who was casually walking past to just lift it onto their shoulder. Lucky, lucky me.

Other than that – it was a fabulous day out plus I can now say I have been to an ‘After Christmas Sales’ where I shopped ’til I almost dropped and it was so worth it.

So yes, my year has ended on a high – two new things happened in December and after an eventful, in more ways than one, 2023, I am now looking forward to a happy and healthy 2024 [every one of my fingers and toes are crossed to make sure this is so].

I am planning to continue on with this little thing of mine – finding two new things to do every month because life is too short to do otherwise. Who knows what I will get up to in 2024.

Whatever I choose to do, I know it will make me one incredibly happy little unyoung and that is something I will always strive to be.

My best wishes to you and yours for a happy and healthy 2024 – may it be full of many, many joys.   

Until next time – be kind to yourself.

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