HELLO 2024

A year in which I intend to make many happy memories.

My Double Delight the first blooms of 2024.

The first event of note for this year, is in relation to my health.

There was cause for some minor celebration today, because I ticked off in my diary that it was a doctor free week for me.  Now I know for most people that is the norm but for this little unyoung the last few years – well best not to go back there – from here on in it is just onwards and upwards. I could have another Dr free week this coming week too because I am feeling pretty good. [ I have a self-challenge to beat the number of Dr free weeks – I recorded ten last year and so far so good.]

Still resting in the shade near the front gateI have to remember he is there when I go walking down that way!

The second-best thing that happened was that I at long last subscribed to Netflix. I have been promising myself that I would join for months now and finally I stopped the procrastination and got myself organised and just did it.

There were some initial blips, mostly with me working out how to get the TV to go Wi Fi and then connect to our internet – including finding all the old passwords I needed and then renewing them because they were out of date or something.  [Have made a mental note to buy myself a new notebook so I can update/delete all my current passwords but that is a job for another day]

After a somewhat tense and might I say a slightly stressful time, I managed to get everything happening and voila! This little unyoung has now got some serious new entertainment to amuse herself with and it is great – should have done it ages ago.

So one week down of 2024 and two special things happened – i wonder what next week will bring.

Most of the flowers out in the garden at the moment are red.

I have nothing exciting planned as yet, but I am working on it, with a special note to myself to make sure I stay upright and to watch where I am going. Something that last year taught me well.

Until next time – take care and have fun in your week ahead.

Mum’s maiden hair fern has just started growing again.
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