The first blossoms of the season are out on the southern boundary fence.

Summer days bring joy to my world – especially to my eating pleasures.

The fruits of summer are one of my greatest indulgences.  I just love everything that is on offer and the variety that is available to pick and choose from right now is simply amazing.

I would even go as far as to say a grocery shopping expedition these days, if it includes summer fruit buying, is a pleasure for me to do. I have even put my weekly click and collect on hold just so I can go into the store and pick the fruit myself. That is being a bit fussy I know but that’s an unyoung trait of mine as well as me being a Capricorn!

I also really like how summer fruits come pretty much straight to the shelves from the grower and do not come via cold storage as some winter fruits do.

The cherries, [ not many of those left but I have eaten a lot so far this season so I can’t really complain] grapes, apricots, peaches, nectarines, blueberries, and strawberries that I have been buying and enjoying of late are all locally grown [ well that’s what the labels say] and that always makes it a bit of a plus for me too. Cannot say I have a favourite at the moment – they are all equally just so nice to eat and enjoy.

I have not indulged in any watermelon, plums, or mangoes as yet. Those treats still await me.

The watermelons have been too big for me to buy anyway – MY J is not a fan, and the half pieces that I prefer have not as yet been to my liking. I like my pieces to be nice and red looking. So far I have only spied pinkish pieces, but I am sure with the run of hot days we are currently having, it will bring a greater choice to the shops.

Let us hope so, as there is nothing better than a slice of cold watermelon on a hot summer’s day.

My fruit eating habits have changed since I have become unyoung though. I used to love a bowl of homemade chopped up summer fruit salad served with ice cream. The mix of colours alone would make my taste buds ready themselves for a tasty treat but these days – must be the change in my unyoung taste buds – I prefer summer fruit platters where I can savour and enjoy all the slices individually. And the ice cream? I enjoy it much better in an affogato rather than it spoiling my taste of the fruit.

The second thing I love about summer is the vegies – usually I enjoy a feast of our own home-grown ones but sadly this year I was too late getting my seedlings in before the really hot weather hit.  

All we have are two lonely tomato bushes – the rest of the patch is bare. These summer heatwaves sure put a dampener on my ability to grow vegetables outside.  I am restricted to just potted herbs on the verandah at the moment and even those are not liking this ongoing heat.   

The tomato bushes did provide us with some tasty little morsels this week though, so all is not lost.

The best bit about week two of 2024 though, was that it was Dr free. And that little bit of joy eclipses all my happy summer fruit and vegie moments by a long shot.

I am looking forward to week three of January rolling along as I plan to visit the Swan Valley where you can find an abundance of summer fruit and vegies for sale at grower stalls. I reckon I will find a piece of watermelon that will definitely be to my liking.

Until next time – have a great week ahead.

The pink pelagoniums love flowering in this heat.
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