Like a feather blowing in the wind – I did not know what each January day would bring.

As the first day of February dawns and a summer heatwave continues on here in my part of the world – some serious HOT days have been happening [43C today / 44C tomorrow] I sit at my office desk in my air-conditioned comfort and take the time to reflect back over the last 31 days.  

In amongst some serious health issues for MY J, a heatwave, a serious summer storm resulting in power/ and long phone outages, I was still lucky enough to find time for myself and do two new things.

  1. My Very Own Advent Calendar

I have never, as a child or as an adult, [not sure why this is so] experienced the joy of opening all the little boxes/windows of an Advent Calendar leading up to the 25th of December but I can now say that I have done just that because, I had my very own Advent Calendar openings in the days of this January.

It all came about because a dear unyoung friend of mine told me about the one she had received and enjoyed for last December- it was a jam one. I thought to myself – I would not mind an advent calendar of some kind; not for next December that is too long for this little unyoung to wait – so after much research, where I discovered you can get an advent for just about anything, I finally chose a biscotti box – each window gave you a little daily Italian biscuit treat. [plus, it was half price because of course December days had been and long gone.]

I savoured one of those delicious little biscuits with my coffee pretty much every day during the month of January.

Obviously, it was not quite a real December Advent experience but at my unyoung age who cares – I am just excited after all these years, to finally get to experience the joy of opening all those little Advent window boxes.

I enjoyed it so much that I am going to make sure I get one in time to do it ‘properly’ for this coming December.

2. So, on the 25th day of January – I had a lovely lunch, or should I say time, as the meal, despite it being yum was not the best part – it was the company that was the best part – with some of my oldest and dearest friends at a fabulous restaurant in Marmion – The Marmion Angling Club. [Me’s husband G kindly organised for us to go there.]

The restaurant overlooks the blue waters of the Indian Ocean which I must say were a little choppy on the 25th so I didn’t don the bikini for a quick dip[ ha ha – me in a bikini has never happened and certainly won’t now that I have reached this wonderful unyoung age ] but I especially love going there at this time of year because our farm has the browns and yellow shades of a hot, hot summer look about it and the blue ocean waters are a lovely relaxing change of vista for me.

It was a great day out and it certainly lifted my at the time, somewhat sagging spirits.

Sas has just come back from a skiing trip in Tokyo – and we shared these Tokyo treats with our coffee. VERY tasty indeed.

So, my hopes and dreams for a year of enjoying some serious fun every month in 2024 is off to a flying start – so despite the downs – that has to be a plus.  

The concept/ commitment of doing two new things every month keeps me focused on the good things in life. It helps me to manage the not so rosy things that are happening around me here at home.

So, I am looking forward to all the days of February – an extra day this year too – to see what I can find to do. Whatever floats my boat these days is a good place to start so who knows what I will come up with.

Until next time – I say – do and enjoy things that make you feel happy.

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