Or if you were speaking Dutch one would say HEET.HEET. HEET!

Why Dutch? Because I am planning to go to BRUGES one day – it is on my bucket list, so it is only natural that I learn a few Dutch words in the meantime and as we are currently experiencing another summer heatwave [this one is breaking previously held records] I have added the word heet to my little travel dictionary.   

Why do I want to go to Bruges?

Well for one thing I know their chocolates are to die for [ especially the dark variety which I love] AND there are chocolate shops and factories galore to explore. What fun I would have! [‘Chocolade,’ is in my Dutch words book too]

It is also famous for its architecture and historic buildings, especially those along the canals which I think would be fantastic to see plus it would make for some great photo opportunities too.

I am looking forward to taking a pic from this exact spot one day VERY soon.

So, whilst I dream on about my Bruges holiday, the temperatures here continue to soar. We are currently on our third day of over 40 degrees- 43 is forecast for today, so it has been indoor activities only this week.

What is not so good about it being hot?

  • One of my favourite pastimes – gardening, is out of the question except early morning – like 5 – 6 am and whilst I have arisen at that hour to do some mulching etc my garden plants are looking hot and sad but who can blame them in this heat. I only hope they can last the distance of these hot summer days so I can resurrect them back to being green and healthy in the coming cooler weeks of autumn. 
  • Going outdoors for any reason is a chore.
  • It is too hot to bake or cook in the oven so only light meals are happening.

But then on the other hand what is good about it being hot?

  • Well, I have read a lot of books – both e books and handheld copies.
  • I have found a couple of patterns suitable for my new, about to begin project of making an embroidered Memory Box.
  • I have worked on my current applique and embroidery projects.
  • I have found a couple of new salad recipes which MY J gave the thumbs up to.
  • Our fantastic Air conditioning has continued to work overtime and there [fingers crossed] have been NO power failures, so that is a plus in itself.

This is the lid of my very own beautifully embroidered MEMORY Boxa special gift from a very special friend. xx

So, I guess it is not all about the gloom and doom of being hot; this heatwave just like the previous ones will duly pass, and I can guarantee that when the alternate extremes of a cold winter hit us in 4 -5 months I will no doubt complain about that and all that it entails so – as they say, all is not lost.

Until next time – best wishes for a great weekend and a wonderful week ahead.

My order when I get to Bruges – Affogato met chocolade alsjeblieft. [they’re the Dutch words I have written in my travel dictionary – courtesy of Ms Google]
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