I started a bit of a downsizing clean up last year but that round had to be put on hold due to MY J’s health but this last week I restarted that process.

I am sort of pleased that the little process has made a comeback as it will make a big difference as to how much I will be cleaning/dusting around in the future and that’s a bonus in itself.

I started with the cleaning out of the four kitchen drawers. It took me quite a while to complete but in the end I was happy with my outcome. I had three choices to make; the gadgets either stayed, went in the bin or went into the recycle bag.

I have kept only those things I actually use these days versus what I might use one day. Saying that something will come in handy one day when this little unyoung brain knows that it will never happen was my mantra for whether it stayed or went and it pretty much worked as I now have four very tidy kitchen drawers.

Mind you, two days later I went and bought two new kitchen gadgets. My mental approval to buy them was that I have wanted these things for quite a while and as there was space in the drawers for them [ ha-ha] the purchases were made.

So, a new grater [which does not skin my fingers as I grate plus the added bonus is that stuff does not fly everywhere like when I used the old one]  and a new ‘pick up’ tool have been christened and given a score of ten out of ten for their handiness. Not sure if the novelty will wear off but for now they are guaranteed a spot to stay in the newly cleaned out drawers.

The new grater with its catching bowl and the picker upper of chopped vegetables thing.

I also cleaned up my old doll’s pram and my table and chairs ready to see if I can find someone who enjoys reviving old toys/items to their former glory. Both items are seventy-five years old, so they certainly qualify as suitable for an unyoung collectible enthusiast. I have fingers crossed I can find that person as I would like them to go to someone who cares about old worldly things rather than them ending up at the tip.

Young, unyoung JAM’s birthday pram – the hood is long gone but everything else is in tact.

The heatwave going on here at home continues to belt out record temperatures for the month. That pretty much applies to wherever you live in WA at the moment but of course I am focused on my little hot corner of the world.

In my part of the world, the average temperature for last week was 40 degrees. This week is not much better with two x 46-degree days coming up – unbelievable! So, it has been and will be, indoor activities only with the Air con on full blast for the next week – again!

Not sure how much more downsizing I will do this week but there definitely will be some sewing going on. I made a start on my new project of Embroidered memory boxes the other day but came across a bit of a blunder today when I picked it up to continue on with. I somehow have inadvertently drawn the pattern the wrong way up – can I blame the heat for that – I reckon I can!

I will need to consult with my mentor to see if it is worthwhile proceeding on as is or whether I should restart it again. [Groan, groan because I maybe already know the answer to that!]

I haven’t done a lot so it would be no big deal to start again.

Anyway – enough of my little bit of negativity – it is the weekend – time for some fun to happen. I am off to make some ‘dark chocolate bark’ as I hear it is exceptionally good for one’s heart and health.  

Until next time – enjoy your weekend and have a great week ahead.   

Sometimes I wish we lived by the seaside!
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