I enjoyed a treat at one of my favourite cafes yesterday. I was very good though – no cream!

The past seven days have been hot – again.

Another heat record was broken but as we have had a few of those announcements this summer I did not pay a lot of attention as to what was actually broken.  All I know is that this summer’s temperatures have been above 40 degrees most days and that is HOT in anyone’s language.

But today as a new day dawns, there is rain about. Not a lot; one – five mls is forecast but our rain gauge already has 5ml in it, so we await to see how much further falls.  Lincoln – the tropical cyclone which hit the northern part of our state a few days ago has crossed the coast and is wending its way in a south easterly direction and that is where this rain is coming from.

How ever many mls we end up getting, it is welcome.  

As an aside – curiosity had me googling to see if there ever had been a tropical cyclone here in WA with my name on it and yes – there was one in 1974! Good to know that I went offshore and caused zero damage to the land areas but I believe if you were on a ship when I was passing through you would have been well and truly tossed about.  

The garden always enjoys a good drop of rain whatever the time of year.

We only have a few days of actual ‘summer’ left and I have my fingers crossed that they will not be our hottest, and that the summer records for this year have finally finished. My unyoung bones are not fussed with the heat these days but on the flip side of that is the fact that this little unyoung has spoiled herself with all the beautiful summer fruits on offer.

I cannot actually pick a favourite but methinks if I really had to make a choice these days, my hand would land on the blackberries.

I reminded myself this week that a treat or two is good for the soul.

Until next time – best wishes for a great week ahead.

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