Finding new things to do in my life, not only helps to keep my mind alert but more importantly keeps my spirits on a high, so as one month ends and a new one begins I stop and ask myself – did I find two new things to do in February?

Well, YES I did.

Plus, I did not need the extra day in this leap year February to find two new things to do either. I had them both organised by the middle of the month – no pressure at all and I am incredibly happy with both my finds/choices.  

Spot the grasshopper in amongst the summer barely there lawn.


I joined an online CHAIR YOGA class and I found it to not only be challenging but very peaceful in a quiet, subtle sort of way.

I chose this particular online course as the lady who leads it, is one healthy looking unyoung; she wears what I think to be age-appropriate gear and she has very stylish grey hair. Those attributes were a definite plus for me because my mindset somehow did not want to join a group led by a very subtle young lady wearing gear that I would never be able to aspire to, so when I saw who the teacher was I signed up straight away.  Amazing what this little unyoung brain of mine has in its mindset!

I have found the routines so far to be very relaxing and beneficial.  [Osteoarthritis was added to my medical records recently – it is a common ailment for my age the DR said]

The daily routine which I have been doing for a couple of weeks now, is making me fully focus on the exercises, firstly so I do not fall off the chair, especially when you do the really stretchy moves and secondly, so I do not end up pulling one of my lazy unyoung muscles by moving in the wrong direction!

The sessions are also giving me a positive start to the day, [some mornings I need a prompt to be positive] so it was a good choice for one of my new things to do.


I purchased a PAINT BY NUMBERS project. [apparently my SIL says they are quite in vogue at the moment so I feel very “in!”]

It is supposed to be here by now BUT have I learned anything from my recent cross-stitch ordering fiasco? Obviously not!

I ordered the kit [it looked like an easy landscape one for me to start with] from an Australian business, and the online order form checked that it was in stock, so I clicked and paid. In hindsight my understanding of what in stock means clearly needs to be reviewed because when I checked my tracking number a few days ago, it had yet to leave Beijing so I suspect that if the cross-stitch fiasco is anything to go by, the earliest I can expect it to be here in my hot little unyoung hands will be Mid-March – and that’s if I am lucky.

So, whilst I have not started my second new project yet, I am still counting it as a February new thing.  Now I know that seems to be a bit cheeky of me count it as a thing I have done in the last month; so, I am going to counteract that by finding an extra thing to do in March. That will make three exciting new things to discover.  

Now that little promise to myself is sure to give my spirits a big lift – what more could I want.

Until next time – enjoy the beginning days of autumn.

This time of the year sees the gum blossoms begin to bloom here on the farm. Two of my favourites, the white and the yellow, are looking pretty special right now.
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