No not getting – already GOT!

How do I know this?

Firstly, I have been researching the recipes that fall within the Mediterranean Diet concept. There are lots of cookbooks out there, but I finally settled on the Women’s Weekly one that was produced a few years ago. It appeared to have recipes in it that I would actually make so I put it on my shopping list for when I next go down the hill.

Well, it turns out when I was looking for something completely different in my pantry, I discovered that the very one is already sitting on a shelf. So – a complete forget that I had it, plus it was up on the top shelf which means I do not use it a lot, so maybe I need to look for another one to buy instead. I could even say if I look on the bright side, that being forgetful about it was maybe an omen for a better thing to happen instead.    

Secondly, the battery in my bathroom scales – [yes I am using them at the moment because I like the kg number they keep telling me I am] – gave up working. I looked and looked for a new battery which I was sure I had one of but to no avail, so I went ahead and bought a new one. And yes you guessed it, I found the one I had put away for a rainy day in a bit of an obscure place but still I forgot where that spot exactly was until I went looking for something else.

Two forgets in two days and as I most certainly did not want that forgetful trend becoming a habit, I decided to go on a bit of a mission to get this little unyoung brain back into better action.

I made two purchases.

  1. A good little crossword book that looks to be at my level of thinking plus I added some new erasers [ I remember when we used to call them r—–s back in my young teaching days] and some new pencils.
  2. Plus, whilst I was looking for the good little crossword book I found a magazine with an article listed as ‘16 ways to Future Proof Your Brain,’ so I purchased that too.

The crossword book is already in action, and I have discovered that I definitely needed the erasers as my first answer is not always the right one. Still the little unyoung brain is being challenged and that is a good thing plus I am on a roll because one of the things the magazine article said was to do crosswords!  

My Australian Paint by Numbers order finally arrived in my mailbox yesterday – from Yanwen. The website says: International Yanwen shipping typically takes 35 to 60 days; it took 36 days to get to me so clearly, I am in luck!

I will add that little project to my brain activities for this week but by the instructions I have read on how to set up the paint pots, canvas etc., I will need to be one little focused unyoung before I actually start painting the thing.

So, my challenge in the coming days is to stay fully focused and try, as the saying goes … to just keep calm and carry on.

Until next time — have a great week.  

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