IT HAS BEEN A – ‘Beware the Ides of March’ sort of week.

No need to go into detail – it is suffice to say that I have had better days.

Having said that, out of all the dramas, one good thing did come out of it all – as MY J has oft been heard to say – for every adversity there is an equal and greater opportunity – and so true it was.

The Technician who came to fix our ADSL phone/internet line woes, [no NBN here in my part of the world] also checked our mobiles for its internet facility/ coverage/ connection etc. as part of the call out brief. We have been aware for some time about the 3G network closing down and I thought we were okay because I had recently checked our phones to see what G we were on and I had found under the heading mobile network mode – 4G/3G/2G auto connect and I thought we were okay i: e: that the phone would tune in to 4G automatically. Oops, oops big time because the helpful technician showed me that I need to press on that line [who would know to do that – certainly not this ‘tech savvy’ kid] where it goes on to say 3 G only. Oh dear!

In hindsight, it is thank goodness for the phone line failure because we would otherwise in a week or so, be trying to use ‘dud’ mobiles. The aftermath of what that little fiasco would have caused does not even bear thinking about!

A family visits our front yard.

So, a trip to purchase new mobile phones is on for later this week [hopefully my arm will be out of its current sling by then] and after all that has happened to us of late I am going to make sure I celebrate the outing with a coffee. I am even going to try a new one which a character in a book I was reading ordered whilst they were visiting an outback Australian town – a caramel macchiato. Sounds interesting and I may even order a scone with jam and cream on the side – just because.  

Whilst historically, the middle of March signals a bit gloom and doom and here in my part of the world it was certainly so, we are on to a new week and that signals that it is time for me to have new thoughts, new hopes, and especially new happenings.

Until next time… have a great week.

The last blooms of summer.
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