LUCKY,LUCKY Little Unyoung Me.

Mum’s Iceberg Rose is enjoying these cooler Autumn days.

It was another eventful week here in my part of the world.

Firstly, the ordered free Shire Skip Bin – yes I am still in clean up mode -arrived via the front paddock mid-week. I say via the paddock as the truck was too big to drive up the driveway plus with all the tree overhangs, it was not a goer, so in they came with the big truck via the paddock. It was then craned over the fence and now sits in its current position near the house. I was a little bit peeved about where it ended up as the clean-up has happened up at the shed so I of course, wanted the bin to go to the shed but as I discovered – do not argue with a truck driver. “No, I’m not doing that,” means exactly that!

Not to worry as Plan B has now swung into action. I am just going to pile everything onto the back of the Ute, [ am out of arm sling now] and drive it all down to the bin and then throw it in. So, all good and better still, another clean up bit will be ticked off my list of things to do.

Autumn leaves are beginning to show on the fruit trees.

That’s not my lucky bit for the week though – it’s to do with our mobile phones.

As mentioned in my last musings, the phone technician advised us to update our mobile phones to the 4G/ 5G network. So, I booked a time, drove down the hill, [knowing all the while that I had to have my Driver’s Licence as ID and as it always resides in my purse I didn’t bother to double check beforehand]

I met the very amiable young, salesperson at the phone shop, and she of course asked me straight away for my Driver’s Licence as ID which I happily produced.

Oops, Oops big time!

The computer said – Invalid licence – expired December 2023.

It didn’t matter how many times I looked for it, the current licence card was not in my purse. So, as apparently, no other ID would do, no mobile phone purchases were made.

I exited the shop feeling not only embarrassed and frustrated about it all but also went into a ‘little bit’ of – no make that a ‘big bit’ of – panic mode.

I wandered the shopping centre to try and settle myself – I was thinking a little bit of retail therapy would help calm me but as you can imagine my mind was not on the job at all. My thoughts at being told I didn’t have a valid driver’s licence are too scary to mention really but it is suffice to say that my mind was in overdrive as to the what ifs of it all.  

After a wander of about twenty minutes, my ‘rational thinking’ said I needed to get back home asap and without incident, so I drove back up the hill. I stopped for a rest and to regroup myself at my favourite café.  I enjoyed a coffee and a pumpkin savoury muffin in lieu of a much-wanted scone and jam and cream as they had sadly sold out of them. None the less, I felt reenergised and so continued the drive and arrived home without incident, thank goodness.

I have my Driver’s Licence renewed annually [ My health dictates I need a medical every year – no big deal – and luckily I found the paperwork to say that I had the medical late November and I also had proof the Dr had sent it in. A lucky break!  

I rang the Department of Transport Office – they were closed but ‘the helpful voice’ told me to go online which I did. I subsequently found a portal thing which has given me some sort of interim licence due to the fact that I am still within the three-month renewal period – thank God but it did say I needed to contact them.  Not sure what will happen with it all next week – probably a fine but in the meantime I can drive if need be. Whew!

Hence I say lucky, lucky me and a big thank you inadvertently goes to the mobile phone shop as I would be none the wiser and driving around without a licence otherwise. I perish the thought!

I will go back down the hill this coming week and try again to purchase two new 4G/5G mobile phones. Fingers crossed that this time it will go smoothly and lucky me will be able to do it without any drama attached.

I tried a Caramel Macchiato – I’ll be having another as I really liked it.

Until next week – have a great weekend and enjoy your week ahead.

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