EASTER 2024.

We will not sadly, be participating in any family Easter celebrations this year. I lament that fact of course, but it just is, what it is.   

But I am not completely disregarding all of the family Easter celebrations that we have enjoyed over the years because I have gone ahead and organised for MY J and I to enjoy a couple of mini Easter goings-on here at home, especially the eating ones, so all is not lost.  

Firstly, I went chocolate egg shopping just for myself; MY J’s love of chocolate has dissipated of late, so I bought a special Easter box for me to make up for it and I now have one very decoratively wrapped, big dark chocolate egg with numerous small ones surrounding it, sitting in a box on the bar bench, just waiting to be fully cracked open.  Not sure my resistance will last until Sunday morning, the time when our family usually opens their ‘egg presents’ though. In fact, confession time – I have already sampled two or maybe was it three, of the little eggs yesterday. [I just wanted to make sure that I had made a good choice and yes I have.]

Secondly, MY J might have lost his love of chocolate since his latest medication kicked in but that does not extend to him not enjoying a good hot cross bun. The Local Award-winning pie shop makes a good batch and so instead of a chocolate egg I bought him half a dozen cinnamon fruit hot cross buns. They were a clear hit, as he has for breakfast today, enjoyed two of them. He is freezing the rest so they can be enjoyed another time.

He has always been able to say no to the overeating of good things – me?  Not so much. I reckon my egg, once I open it on Sunday will be gone by the time the day has ended because eating dark chocolate is a weakness of mine and a special egg one? Well what can I say other than I am pretty sure I won’t be able to resist eating it until it is all gone. Clearly more exercise will be needed in the days ahead to burn off the extra calories the egg will no doubt add but that’s okay, as I have already made a list of gardening things that are in need of some ‘repair’ work – thanks to some visitors!

The temperatures here have dropped considerably, especially overnight and in the early mornings. That sort of weather encourages me to get back out and into the garden, so some serious exercising to remove the ‘chocolate egg calories’ is definitely on the agenda.

I usually plant out my vegie and flower seedlings during Easter but not this year. Why? Because the annual ‘pruning brigade’ has arrived; in fact, several flocks of galahs, parrots and cockatoos have favoured us with their presence of late. It is a bit later than usual – the hot weather must have kept them away methinks, but they are having a field day with not only the rose blooms and their tender leaf tips but also with the juicy bits on my outdoor potted plants. Oh well – it is only a passing phase, it usually lasts only a few weeks before they move on and so looking on the bright side of it all, it does save me from a bit of pruning. [They move on because I am mean and stop filling the outside bird baths and water dishes. I only fill the hidden ones that the smaller birds can get to so I do not think I will make it on to a conservationist list any time soon.]

The end of Easter this year will also signify the end of another month in 2024. My, this year is getting away from me fast – but this month will not pass before I have enjoyed a very scrumptious looking chocolate egg so what is there to not like about this Easter – even if it is a whole lot different from all those we have celebrated before.  

Until next time – if you and yours celebrate at Easter time – enjoy. 

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