Well maybe not quite to the extent as the phrase may suggest but some good fortune nonetheless did in fact come my way this past week.

The term being lucky means different things to different people. For little unyoung me, it means that something is exciting and wonderful, like me winning some serious lotto dollars or like having my name announced as winning a great raffle prize or like receiving some really, really good health news. Sad to say that none of those things happened this past week but I did experience some things which I would say was good fortune.

Firstly, I got pulled over by the police for a random check whilst going into town the other day. LUCKY that my driver’s licence is now current!  Imagine if I had been pulled up two weeks ago when I was sans licence!

All was good – why would it not be, I almost said to the young police officer as I buckled up ready to drive off – so off into town I went. I needed to duck into Woolworths in the Boulevarde for a few items before heading up to the hospital for an appointment, and just as I was coming through the checkout, the ‘shop security’ told me to stay put because a melee had broken out in the centre of the Boulevarde.

A few minutes lapsed before the Security and Police arrived so I, along with a few others stayed where we were until ‘all clear’ was given. A Security Guard then escorted me outside to my car for which I was thankful.  Not sure of the outcome but I was glad I was in a safe place in Woollies when it happened because the fight looked quite violent plus being escorted to my car was a bonus.  

My next lucky bit was that when I had my blood test yesterday, the guy who did it – the ‘phlebotomist,’ I always laugh when I hear that word – took only one go to find a vein. They usually take three or more poke arounds before they find a vein which will give them enough vials, so I was really happy when he got it in the first time.

So, as I see it, I had three little bits of good luck come my way and that made me feel pretty happy.

On a completely different note, if plants could talk my ‘ponytail palm’ which I declared was getting cut up and going in next week’s bin because it was looking pretty ugly, would say – lucky me too, because I by chance, discovered that it has two new healthy shoots coming out of its trunk. No idea how they came about but I reckon they look pretty cute, so I have given the plant a reprieve.

Still on the notion that plants may feel lucky [mostly me and my not so green thumbs] – a few weeks ago I purchased some blue flowering Allium and Muscari bulbs. I have never planted either before, but they were recommended as plants that are supposedly kangaroo resistant and as we still have a little mob mowing our lawn and pruning the rose bushes [ only a few leaves left now so fingers crossed they will move on soon] I bought quite a few bulb packets.

They are just starting to shoot as are the irises and Mum’s freesias and I am hoping for a nice display of blue and yellow colour in a few weeks’ time – if of course, the kangaroos continue to leave all the currently healthy shoots alone – time will tell.

If the bulbs and freesias reach their full potential and bloom happily away without interference from any kangaroo nibbling I will count myself as definitely being in luck. In the meantime, I shall purchase both a lotto and car raffle ticket to check out how seriously my luck this week, is actually in.

Until next time – I hope some good fortune finds its way to you in the week ahead.

Love the pink of this geranium in the front garden bed. Luckily the kangaroos have left it alone.
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