Yes it is and a good downpour we had too.

Plus, we had some thunder and lightning to go with it and we ended up with 6 ml. Such a great wet way to end the month of April.

Speaking of ends, I cannot believe another month of 2024 has passed me by and the first Friday of May has already come and gone too. Lucky there are four more Fridays in this month to come; it makes me subconsciously feel like the month is going to go on for ages and that for me is definitely a good thing – although being unyoung sometimes gives me the heebies, especially health wise, and April turned out to be a bit of a mediocre one for me.

I did not go out and about much – except to doctors. But the upside of that was, that I had the good fortune to experience – during all the visits and what seemed like umpteen phone calls – a medical fraternity that on the whole, are a very caring group. The Specialist who has been called in to supervise MY J’s ongoing health issues has been a great listener – especially to me as the carer and that has gone a long way into helping me adjust to our new lifestyle.

With all that going on [plus me sporting a somewhat ugly looking Shingles facial rash] me finding two new things to do in the past month came to a bit of a dead end.

Not to worry though, as this new month has started extremely well and I reckon I will definitely find two or maybe three or four new things to do/experience.  

On the home front, we had another 5 ml of rain on Wednesday, the first of May – so we are hoping that it is a good omen for some rainy winter days ahead -as the paddocks need a good soaking, and the home water tank always needs topping up.  

On the social front – I have already booked myself in for three lunches. One at a regular venue MY J and I used to love going to [you sometimes see little quendas in the bushes beside the veranda which is a delight in itself – besides the good scones they have on offer] and two other new cafes, so am looking forward to those lunchtime happenings. I am even going to stray from my usual eating choices and try something new to delight my taste buds – yes me the ‘traditionalist’ is going to be adventurous for once!

The much-needed rain has given the garden a bit of a ‘clean’ and all the leaves and new bulb shoots are looking much better. The bees are out and about enjoying the last of the nectars in Mum’s Iceberg rose which thankfully the little kangaroo mob have for some reason, left alone, so all is good in the garden and farm generally.

I have always been fascinated with the way a bee can contort its body into a flower.

Until next time – I hope your days ahead are good ones.

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