I have oft heard it said that a change is as good as a holiday. Unfortunately, a holiday is just not an option for us at the minute so in lieu of a getaway, I instigated a few personal changes so that some feel good ‘holiday’ vibes could happen for me right here at home. The changes were only small ones, but they seemed to do the trick and that was what I was after – so, all good.

The first thing I did was to have a play around with my camera settings.[ It is not the first time I have done this.] I have been disappointed with my previous play arounds but this time I found, in camera speak ,the settings A and P which I used to take a few photos of various things around home. It turns out that when it is in that mode it not only focuses in on the object but it also ‘blurs’ the background.  A handy little thing to know but I am not sure that I will use it very often, as I like the automatic setting best.  But, I am happy with the few snaps I did take using the A and P bit, especially this one of my little geranium in its front veranda pot.

The next thing I did was to spend some time rearranging my office table so it is facing in a northerly direction – good for winter window views – plus I repositioned my laptop so it now sits at an extremely comfortable ‘eye height.’ A height which enabled me to spend quite some time going through all my ‘in the cloud’ photos. I managed to select and save what I considered to be my best ones, then deleted the rest. There were not that many left after that little activity but enough for me to order some ‘passport size’ prints of them, with the intention of making some ‘mini cards’ so I can, if they look okay, attach them to any presents I may give out. Methinks a good winter’s day activity is coming up – time will tell!

Still on the technology line, I also learnt how to use my phone on a QR code so I can now go straight to a favourite website without having to do a google search first. A bit ‘tech savvy’ of me I must say – mind you, I had to be shown how to do it twice before I got the hang of it. Still, it is a new thing for me to do, plus it has been added to my little bank of tech savvy knowledge and that is always a good thing to happen.

It rained on Friday, so I spent the time indoors tidying up my sewing room. It is now looking much neater, so energy well spent.  

I also assembled an easel which I have been wanting to do for some time. It was a bit of a challenge initially but surprisingly, this little unyoung brain in the end, coped quite well with the instructions – thank God it had pictures to go with it though because they helped a lot, especially with how to put the fiddly bits together.   

I thought an easel would be a handy thing for me to display my embroidery pieces on and I am not disappointed. It has turned out really well and I am very happy with it.  My first display piece is my Tree of Life work.

I have completed quite a few embroidery pieces over the last few years, but I have to say that this one is my favourite hence it gets to be first on the easel – even though I know I did the long and short [does my head in stitch] the wrong way on the pink flower – it still deserves to be the very first to sit on the new easel ledge.

Whilst I was out on my only social outing for the week and very nice it was too; I tried another new coffee. [My friends ‘drove up the hill’ to have lunch with me – how good was that!]  The new coffee was a short macchiato with almond milk [served as is custom, in a small glass] and it was great but there was not enough of it, so next time I will have to ask how to get the same flavour only in a bigger size.

View from the veranda at a PATCH OF COUNTRY CAFE in MUNDARING.

So even though I only made a few changes to my way of doing things this past week, they went a long way into helping me feel some good vibes. Methinks I should continue on in this mode next week too.

As Dr Seuss says:

” You’ll never be bored when you try something new.

       There’s no limit to what you can do.”

Until next time – take care and have a great week ahead.  

I definitely used my A and P setting in this snap.
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