This week I did a bit of a garden check-up/stocktake and found that there are a few things that need some R&R. A made a list – of course – of what needs doing and I shall tackle those digging and repotting jobs over the next few days. I also along the way, appreciated a few of my autumn garden’s delights.

Firstly, there was the Ponytail palm surprise. It is only a few weeks ago that I thought it was on the way out- leaves were all turning up and browning on the ends but on closer inspection I found two healthy shoots growing out of the trunk and hey presto yesterday I see another one has appeared on the other side of the trunk. That third little burst of greenery has definitely assured that it is not going in the bin now, it is staying right where it is.  

A garden guru told me that the plant must like where it is because those new little side shoots happen when the plant is ‘feeling good.’ They are actually new little ‘ponytails,’ and they are called pups.  You can propagate them, [that is a pass from me – sounded just a bit too difficult for this little unyoung] and the plant is not a palm – it is actually a succulent. Who knew all that info – not this little garden guru that is for sure. I am going to leave the pups where they are; apparently they will grow out in a very decorative fashion and make the plant look more attractive, so I look forward to seeing that happen.

The second thing I noted was that whilst the kangaroos have enjoyed nibbling on most of the rose leaves, they have left the alyssum growing underneath alone, and it is currently flowering profusely. I am quite pleased with its spread as I did ‘propagate’ some from one rose bed to another earlier on during the summer months. I only have the white version at the minute but my garden guru tells me that it also comes in purple so I think I will plant out some of those too as it is such a pretty little ground cover – practically no maintenance is required, and the bees love it – so a perfect plant for this little garden guru to grow.

[There are currently lots of bees around at the minute – all enjoying the flowers of the Correa, Silver Princess, cumquats, and geraniums.]

I ended my week by doing some much-needed R&R in the vegie patch – readying it for my winter crop of snow and garden peas. I have always had such a lot of success with growing peas here and I am hoping that this year will be no exception.  I shall plant the seedlings out this coming week and my garden guru tells me that the kangaroos will most probably leave them alone – I will have my fingers crossed [and toes for that matter as they have been somewhat of an annoyance this year – I am over the cuteness of having a mob of kangaroos share my garden with me] so I hope that it will turn out to be true and they do leave them alone!

Until next time – have a great weekend and enjoy your week ahead.

The Correa is one of my favourite autumn plants.
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