This recent night sky, [I call it my version of Aurora Australis] suggested that rain was again on its way, and it did not disappoint.

A good amount fell over a couple of days, and overall, we had 9 ml. That is a particularly good way to end these last days of Autumn so it is fingers crossed that it augers well for the winter months ahead.

Wet, rainy days, make me think of all sorts of things like:

  • Getting my favourite yellow chicken wellie boots on and walking along a dampened gravel road [not enough rain to bring about any puddles worth jumping in – yes I still do that!] but enough to wet the toes and make the boots look like shiny new ones.
  • Making minestrone soup. This is MY J’s favourite, and I made the first for the season today. I used a new recipe recommended by Young L – who uses recipes from this site blog a lot – and she suggested I should take a look – so I did, and the minestrone soup recipe did not disappoint.
  • Adding a fleecy sheet to the bed. The overnight temperatures have dropped to below 10 degrees, so the bottom fitted fleecy is now on the bed and I am already enjoying the comfort it brings.  But – whilst I was sorting the bed linen out, I discovered a brand-new wool blanket still in its wrappings – in the storage area under the bed which I bought at the end of last season, ready for this winter. I bought a new one a few weeks ago because I thought I needed to! What was I thinking?  I do so love this little unyoung brain of mine when it does not think straight or indeed remember things – Ugh! Never mind the rediscovered blanket is now over the feet area and it is doing a good job of keeping these unyoung tootsies warm, so all is not lost.
  • Fertilising the fruit trees with a good citrus mix so it gets a solid rainwater in, which means we will get bigger and juicier fruits to enjoy later in the winter months.
  • Planting out my new asylum seeds. I bought purple ones so they should look good when they start to flower in a few weeks time – especially interspersed with the white ones which seem to be in a flowering frenzy at the moment. The bees love them.

The rest of my favourite winter things to do, can wait until it is officially winter, which surprise, surprise will be this time next week.

That old time clock certainly does keep flying on by.

Until next time – I hope your week ahead is a fantastic one. Take care.

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