MONTH’S END – May Happenings.

Definitely oversize.

Being methodical and practical in my approach to life are two words that definitely apply to this little unyoung’s habits. I rarely go ‘outside the box’ in anything I do but … during this past month I decided to be just a tad daring not only when I was out ordering my café lunches/coffees but also with buying myself a treat or two.

I love going to cafes not only for the goodies I get to enjoy there but also because I can meet up with my friends, have a good laugh, share one of my ‘tall stories’ and especially to be on the receiving end of a hug or two.

During this past month, whilst out on some Dr visits, I refrained from ordering my usual fall back lunch ordering position of chicken and avocado salad with a long black, and instead did a bit of a changeup – very out of the box my choices were too.

There was the ‘Vegetarian Crepe’ at the French Riviera Café, the ‘Finlandia’ sandwich at Ms Maud’s, the Amazonian Cold Pressed drink at Dome, the Flat white with almond milk at a Patch of Country and a Sausage, onion, and cheese toastie with a special homemade chutney from Zax and Co in Northam.  

I loved them all and I was glad I had gone ‘outside the square’ as being a little adventurous made me feel good. Mental note to self is currently saying – do more of it Unyoung JAM!

My AMAZONIAN – it tasted very ‘healthy’ even though it may look questionable.

Probably the biggest ‘outside my comfort zone’ thing I did was to purchase two very special treats.

Firstly, I splurged big $ – well in my terms anyway- on some new just for me hand, and body lotion. It is a Chanel No 5.  [My friend C gave me the shower gel for my birthday, and I loved it, so I thought why not get the lotion to match and I am glad I did because it is such a treat to use and wear. Even MY J commented favourably on its subtle perfume and comments are not something that happens often these days.]  

Secondly I purchased, with the help of my very own Personal shopper – ‘Me’- a lovely soft, blue/green striped woollen jumper that I found online from – Duncraig store.  The last time I wore anything striped was when I was literally young and that is almost going back to dinosaur era days! I saw it online and my online shopping expeditions have in the past had some hiccups, but this experience was great from the get-go. All thanks to ‘Me,’ who not only visited the store to see and feel the garment in person, [it looked nice and soft online, and it turned out it was in reality too], Me was also there to try it on to make sure I bought the right size, [we are the same] and I received, in the post yesterday, the very thing. It is perfect; the striped colours – from mid green to mid blue look great on me and as for the service – well it was ***** so what more could a little unyoung like me ask for.

A recent quote I read said – the start of a new day signifies there is new fun to be had – and after my May happenings I can totally concur with that,

Me going ‘outside the box’ during this past month has definitely proven that yes – not only can I do it without the sky falling in but more importantly I loved doing it.

So, I just need to put my thinking and doing outside of the square behaviour on repeat, all through this coming month and all will be very well here in my part of the world.

Until next time – stay safe whilst you go out and have some fun.

The AVON river after this week’s rains. It is a bit muddy looking but at least it is starting to flow again after being somewhat stagnant over Summer.

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