An interesting wet week here in my part of the world – wet in more ways than one.

Our water comes from the Goldfields pipeline. We access it by pumping from the mains into a 100,000-litre storage tank. We do this about twice a year. The tank is situated about fifty metres up the hill by the shed and we use the runoff from the shed over winter to top up the tank’s supply.  A pump, which has a bit of an intricate pipe system filters the water back down the hill into the house. We have not had a problem with this system since it was all built twenty-four years ago.

But … as we all know some things do not last forever and earlier this past week, one of our water pipes in the intricate system burst big time. It just so happened to be the one that feeds the house – so no water was able to be accessed but where the leak occurred up at the storage tank, I could have accessed any amount if I so desired!  It was a case of water, water, everywhere. Fortunately, MY J happened to be outside and heard it all so was able to turn off the system before all water was lost from the tank.

We did not have any spare parts that would fix the problem so I went and purchased a new piece measuring exactly the same size but [nothing is ever easy I reminded myself at this point] it would not fit the existing structure so a whole new section had to be made up. S at our local hardware store made up a new section for me and all I had to do when I came home was help MY J glue it together which we managed without too much drama.

An extremely nervous MY J then turned the pump back on and the force of the water gurgling its way back down to the house caused the back tap to spring a leak – water, water everywhere! So, the pump had to be turned off again – and again no water to the house. We had to wait 24 hours, but the local plumber came as a favour [seeing as we had no water] and easy as – fixed the tap.

So back on went the pump and all was good until I hopped in the shower and again the force of the water reconnecting blew ‘the face’ from the shower head.   It is at this point that I reminded MY J who was now highly stressed to the max, that these parts are twenty-four years old, so they have served us well. [Just as well the second bathroom shower head did not suffer the same fate – otherwise it would have been another problem that I did not need]

A new shower head has been purchased and as it is not deemed to be an emergency, the plumber will come later in this coming week to fix it.

This past week turned out to be a bit of an interesting one, but the good thing is the rains have come in full force. We have had two storms here in the past few days and the water is currently running from the shed roof into the storage tank at a good rate so our tank water level will be back to where it was in no time.

So, as we have had the – bad things come in threes week – I have my fingers crossed that the tide will turn next week, and the good things come in threes adage will prevail.

Until next time – have a great week.  

My zygocactus is in full flower. This is a favourite plant of mine.
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